Friday, December 31, 2010

A Marler Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas afternoon. We hosted the whole crew at our home this year. As usual, it was full of fun, loud, crazy, memorable moments. There is never a dull or quiet moment when you get 16 people together under one roof, and 6 of those little darlings, are ages 7 and under. But, we wouldn't trade it for anything. It makes my heart happy.

Before we open gifts, Pappy has always started off the day with reading the, Marler Christmas Story Book. But this year, he changed it up, and now the older grandkids are going to take turns reading. It was such a great idea and I am loving this new tradition. You can read more about this book on my moms blog here.

Cade, Maggie, and Cole getting ready


Cade listening (and, smiling)


Daddy and Cash



Everyone read the last page together with Pappy

Then, it was time for presents.

There were timed scooter races circling the inside of the house

Some dozed off for little power naps

There was a lot of cousin loving going on

We also...ate a ton, hung out, watched movies and just chilled. Somehow, I managed to not get a single picture of any of that.

Coming up...McWhorter Christmas

Oh, and it is New Year's Eve. In a couple of hours, we are heading to hang with a group of our closest friends and their families.

What are your plans for tonight?


debra said...

fun stuff! i loved looking at all the photos. Happy New Year!

Toni said...

Looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas, great pictures as always. Can't believe how big those "babies" are getting. Looking forward to kicking off the new year with you guys tonight!

Skoglund said...

Cute shirts!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

the matching outfits are sooo adorable!!!

We stayed at my in laws for 6ish days with 10 people and 6 kids two and under. I know what you, crazy, and memorable for sure!! :)

Happy New Year!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Great Pics Babe!! Since we didn't seem to get ANY! Loved you got one with all the grands (minus C & C) dressed in their handprint/footprint Rudolph shirts we made at the last Mammy/Pappy sleepover!