Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today I babysat 3 little boys for a couple of hours. Oh my goodness, is all I have to say! :) J/K! They were all so precious! Anyway, the littlest one is 2 months old. Lily was helping me change his diaper, and I was waiting for her response as to "the part" she has never seen before. This is the conversation that followed:

Lily- "Why is his belly button so far down?"
Me- "It's not. It is on his tummy right where it is supposed to be."
Lily- "Well, why does he have two belly buttons?"
Me- "Lily, he doesn't. God just gave him one. Just like you and me."
Lily-" Well, what is that THING?"
Me(trying not to laugh)- "That is his tee-tee. It is a boy tee-tee."
Lily-"Oh. That's funny. I'm glad I don't have one of THOSE."
Me-"Well, what if mommy has a boy baby?"
Lily-"Maybe he'll have two belly buttons."

Off she runs with a giggle! That's my girl! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Maggie's Dora Fiesta

This past weekend, we finally had Maggie's BIG 2nd Dora Fiesta birthday celebration! And, what a celebration it was! :) Despite having to change the location the day before, because of the crazy weather that NEVER came (80% chance of rain and cold front), we had the most wonderful time with all of Maggie's precious friends (ours, too) :). Thank you to our parents, who jumped in and saved the day from being crazy and chaotic! Thank you Nanny, for making the delicious and oh-so cute "Backpack" cookies! Thank you PawPaw, for picking up the fajitas! Thank you Mammy, for your amazing decorating skills! Thank you Pappy, for being tall and hanging everything! :) Thanks to the student ministry at our church (and my truly remarkable husband), for letting us use your building and cafe at the last minute. Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate with our sweet baby girl! We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family! Of course, it wouldn't be an "Ashley" post without a gazillion pictures. :)

Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae!!

Cake & cupcakes

Party room

Mammy and Nanny getting everything ready.

The fajitas buffet


Bouncing away with Dora

Time to eat!

PawPaw and Maggie

Cake time!

Blowing out candles

YEA Maggie!!

Our family

My sweet Maggie Mae is TWO!

Maggie and cousin Chloe

Opening presents

Molly and cousin Campbell

She wore this backpack the rest of the party! :)

LOVE this!!!

My brother Brandon

Lily and Madi

"Aunt" Janet and cousin Campbell

Maggie and Uncle Dustin (my brother)

"Backpack" cookies that Nanny made!

Daddy and his girl

Sweet gift from cousins Cade and Cole

Brandon and Sharla


Sweet little Ryan family

The pinata' "holders"

Getting ready for pinata

Look at all the faces of the girls behind Carson. Priceless!!!! :)

Poor Dora!

Maggie and "Dora" (a.k.a. daddy)

Grady and baby Huntley

Joy and baby Adrianne

My sweet Lily Belle

Mammy, Pappy, & girls

Partied out!

Sweet sister!

When we moved into our new house, there was an adorable little playhouse out in the backyard. The girls have LOVED it, but it needed a little work. The floor was rotted and it was really dark inside. So, for Maggie's b-day, my parents decided to fix it up. It turned out so precious!!! Y'all come on over and play!!!! :) Thank you, Mammy and Pappy!!