Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, we attended an early service of one of our church's satellite campus'. Conn was leading all of the worship. He worked so hard on everything and did such a great job. God has truly given him an amazing gift and I loved seeing it come alive up on the stage.

The girls' were asked to go up on stage with Conn and help lead the carols by candlelight. They really did love this...even if their faces don't show it. Ha! :)

Santa made an appearance. Cash had NO interest in him this time. :)

Fun Christmas trees were decorated everywhere. This one was in front of the children's area.

We were able to grab daddy for a quick family picture.
After this service, the kids and I left Conn to do 2 more services, and we went with my parents to
their church Christmas Eve service. Yes, we attended 4 different services this year. Thankfully, the kids (well, the girls) did really great and made it through most of them with no problem.
Afterwards, the kids and I raced home and I put them to bed. Conn made it home around 10pm and we started wrapping presents and assembling all of the kids gifts. We finished up a couple of hours later, and then put ourselves to bed.

Coming up....Happy Birthday, Jesus!


Lacey said...

Sounds like we were both a little late on the wrapping and assembling. :) Hope you guys had a GREAT Christmas!!

Toni said...

I remember the first time Preston and I heard Conn lead worship, at the time we didn't know he did that! He does a great job! Cute pictures as always!

Jaclyn said...

lily is looking so grown up! your family is precious!