Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I want for Christmas... my two front teeth!
YEP, she woke up this morning with her two front teeth!
But, one fell out during breakfast.
Then, the other came out while brushing her teeth before bed!
So, so cute!
Bring on the big ole front teeth!
Oh, my goodness!


Connie McWhorter said...

Oh, my goodness! Our girl is growing up SOOOOOOO FAST!!!
Love you all, Nanny

debra parker said...

such a sweet smile.

Anonymous said...

Ashley...This made me cry happy tears....can't figure why I'm so emotional...think it's remembering my girls at that age and how excited we'd get when one of them lost a tooth. Oh enjoy those babies...sounds like ya are (o:
Such beautiful kids!!!!!!!

Janet said...

I can't believe how big our sweet Lily is now! Her smile is just great - love her so!

Lacey said...

Awww...that was G' last christmas!! So cute!! She'll be singing the song all the way until Christmas!!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Well, how come I didn't get a phone call about the 2nd tooth???!!!!! What a doll!! Please find your 2nd grade pic where you are missing your 2 front teeth and show Lily!! Memories, memories, memories!
Love Mammy
P.S. In fact, post your pic next to her's. I bet everyone will see where she gets her precious beautiful face!

Wendy McWhorter said...

Wow! In the same day? Her cousin will be so jealous. She is constantly trying to "loosen" her own teeth. Lily is beautiful even with all the missing teeth :) and will be beautiful still with the big front teeth.