Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Good Monday

As I wrote in a previous post, Conn is not off on Good Friday. But, he does get the following Monday off. It has been this way for the past 8 years, so it is nothing new for us. This has forever been known to us as our Good Monday. We have never really done that much except recover from Easter services, but this year we decided to plan a special day with the girls. We started off by letting them open their Easter baskets and having an egg hunt in the backyard (it was their 4th one). We then went to the Children's Museum in Houston. We had never taken the girls before and they had a great time. It was decked out for a special theme of The Magic School Bus for the month of March. To top the day off, we went and ate at the Downtown Aquarium and rode the train around the restaurant. On the way home, Lily asked if we could stop and rent a movie. She and Conn went in and came back out with Dora, Puppy Power. We were talking about what to do for dinner and Lily says that she would like for her and Maggie to have a Pancake and Puppy Power Night. So...that is exactly what we did! :) Thank you Lord, for giving our little family such a Good Monday!

getting ready for the egg hunt

checking out the goods

The Children's Museum

Lizzy the Lizard

it REALLY sprayed out "milk"

our cloud chart (bad memories of Weather and Climate in college)

Maggie's rain hat

Lily's rain hat

Downtown Aquarium

looking at the tanks

getting our grub on

train ride

chocolate chip Pancakes and Puppy Power!

The End!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank you, Nanny!!!

Our sweet Nanny (Conn's mom), gave the girls these dresses last week. With all of the beautiful azaleas that are in bloom right now, we couldn't pass up the chance to take some pictures. Thank you, Nanny!! We love them!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

In the McWhorter home, we always have to do things a little different when it comes to celebrating holidays with family. You see, Conn is on staff at a church that has NUMEROUS services during Christmas and Easter. Therefore, we usually spend time with our large extended families the week prior or the week after the actual holiday. Anyway, all of that being said, here are some pics from the past couple of weeks from ALL of our Easter celebrations. ***(Sorry for all of the pictures. I can't figure out how to do of one those slide shows! Uhhhh!!!)

We went with my family, last Sunday, to the park to celebrate our Easter. It was a beautiful day and my parents had planned a great time for us. We had incredible food and a great time of just hanging out. The cousins LOVED being together and we all got fun Easter baskets from Mammy and Pappy. Thanks for a wonderful day, Mom and Dad!!! :)

The Marler Kids
The grandkids
Easter egg hunt
Brandon and all of his girlsEaster baskets
Daddy time
Mammy's beautiful bunny cake
Cade, Carson, & Lily
My loves

We celebrated with Conn's family this past Thursday. We always have a wonderful time being with his parents and his brothers family. Nanny and PawPaw really know how to have an easter egg hunt!!!! :) Thank you for such a great day!!!

Getting ready for the egg hunt
Lily and cousin Camille
Thanks, PawPaw!
McWhorter grandkids
Lily's goodies
Great Grandmommy & the girls
We went to FOTW's Easter services on Friday and Saturday night. When our daddy has to be at all 13 of them, we go see him whenever we can. My parents joined me and the girls on Friday night and Conn's parents went with us on Sat. We were going to go on Sunday, but didn't quite make it.

Pappy with his punkin' and peanut
Nanny and PawPaw
Sweet Maggie MaeMy very own Easter Lily

Today is Easter Sunday, and the girls haven't even gotten their Easter baskets from us yet. Luckily, they have no idea! Conn is off tomorrow, (Good Monday, as we call it, since he didn't have last Friday off) and we will celebrate with just us four.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!!! We sure did!!! He has Risen!!!!