Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

A fairy, a cowgirl, and a pirate, will be making their debut before long.

But, for now, I leave you with these fallish photos from last night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last week was my dad's birthday. He is loved by me and everyone else. Like...a whole, whole lot! The girls and I made him a cake. Because, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a homemade cake with orange icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips and a candle. :)
We love us some Pappy!

Right now in Texas, the mornings are cool and the afternoons are pretty warm. It makes picking out my kiddos clothes quite difficult. But, I am still going to pull out the Fall clothes little by little. I love Fall clothes!

This past weekend, we hit up a local pumpkin patch. It was very last minute and totally not planned. Sometimes, those are the best adventures! The weather was great and the kids had a ball! More pictures to come.

Cousin Camille spent the night with us this weekend. This was the girls first official sleep over at our house. There was a lot of coloring, crafting, cookie decorating, dressing up, dancing and singing. I am pretty sure that a lot of fun was had by 3 little girls! We are so blessed to have most of our cousins live so close.

On the weekends, we attend our Saturday night church service. I love the thought of taking the kids to the traditional Sunday services, but with Conn in the ministry and having to be at all of the services, this is what works best for our family right now. When I go to the Saturday service, I might get the chance to sit with him...most of the time. :)

So, on Sundays, while daddy is doing his church duties, the kids and I stay home. This is the day that I get caught up on all my laundry and try to get stuff in order for the coming week. We hardly ever get out of our pajamas and the house usually looks like a bomb went off. The girls are always caught up in some game of make believe that involves the entire house or Cash has drug out every last book and toy of his onto the living room floor.

Anyway...all that being said, if you stop by our home on a Sunday, you will see the real life McWhorter's in all it's glory! Ha!

So, this Sunday, we had some surprise visitors. Some super, duper surprise visitors! If you have read this blog for any length of time, then you have heard all about the wonderful Mrs. Janet and her family. Well, part of that family, includes 2 daughters...Lindsay and Molly. They all surprised us on Sunday afternoon. YES..we were all in our pj's and there was laundry all over the couches.

Over the past couple of years, Lindsay and I have become the greatest of friends. She just recently left us and moved to Austin to teach 7th grade English. We are so sad, but so, so happy for her! I miss her. Like, a lot! She is so stinking funny and so stinking real about stuff. I love that! We didn't get any pictures on Sunday. So, these are from this past summer. During the summer, we would meet for dinner at least once a week. Her hair is a completely different color now. That's what Austin does to I've heard. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
It's gonna be a beautiful week!
I've gotta feeling! ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lily's Love

The past couple of weeks have been so fun for my oldest girl, Lily Belle! This girl loves anything and everything that involves some sort of fun activity or event! Her school is so great about doing both of these! Now that she is a big 1st grader, it has been so much more fun, because she totally gets into the activities and what they are all about. She talks about them weeks leading up to it and checks the calendar to make sure we are totally not missing out on anything. She LOVES it! It is so fun to watch her get so excited! Love it!

*College Spirit Day*
She made her daddy proud and supported his school!

*Donuts with Dad*

*Walk to School Day*
It was a brisk, 49 degrees on that morning. Conn said they about froze! Yes, if you are wondering, Conn gets the duty of participating in most of the morning activities. Someone has got to stay home with the other two babies. :)

They met up with our neighbors, Kim, Tess, Eli and Snoopy :), and were able to walk to school with them. Their house is for sale and we are SO sad! Tess and Lily are in the same grade and have become the greatest of friends. We are going to miss them so much!

*1st Grade Sock Hop*
Each of the grade levels in Lily's school, have a grade specific fundraiser, that takes place sometime during the year. It usually takes place on a Friday night after school, and it is a drop off/pick up type of deal. You pay for your student to go, and the teachers for that particular grade take care of everything. That is the only fundraiser for their grade...all year. It is a brilliant idea and the kids love it! Last year for Kindergarten, the night was based around the Polar Express theme. This year for 1st grade, they had planned a Sock Hop. Of course, Lily had to look the part and we went all out! The only thing I could get out of her about the whole night, was that they learned some dances. She loves to dance, so I guess that was enough for her to consider fun! Ha!

I love my girl and I love that she thrives on fun!
She is totally her daddy and that makes me smile!

Oh, and the fun doesn't stop here!

On the calendar for next week...
Muffins with Mom and Character Book Parade!

"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy"...says my girl! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling for Fall

We are all going to pretend that it's a crisp Fall day outside!

The temps in Texas are not hitting the 90's!
We are not slapping mosquitoes on our nightly walks around the neighborhood!
I am not breaking into a full blown sweat getting Cash in and out of his car seat!
The air condition is not kicking it like crazy in our house!
The leaves in our back yard are not full blown green!

Yes, let's pretend!

Okay. I feel better. Kind of.

How about you?
Any readers out there who are experiencing real Fall?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Baking Day - 2010

Annalee, Callie, Lindsee, Me, Kelli
Carly & Debra, Missy, Heather

On Saturday, I got together with a group of my sweet friends to do some fall baking. Our incredible friend, Missy, did this back in February, and was brave enough to have us all over again. :) We had such a fun, fun time!! There was a TON of baking, talking, laughing, and picture taking that was going on!! I have been blessed to meet most of these girls through this blog, and now I love being able to call them real life friends! We missed the ones that weren't able to make it and hope to see them all for our next get together in November!