Thursday, May 27, 2010


Maggie, Cash, and I have been hitting up the local water pop-up fountains while Lily is still in school. Shhhh...don't tell! :)

Tuesday, we met some of our sweet friends at our church's fountains. Such a fun place! Cash was little overwhelmed by the pressure of the water, but that didn't stop him from running around and having a blast! Maggie, on the other hand, was in heaven!

Today, we met our sweet friends, Heather and her little girl Mollie Kate, at the Market Street fountains. The kids had a lot of fun but it was HOT out there! The pressure of the water was really low on these fountains and there were quite a few kiddos out there. But, we still hat a great time. After we played, we strolled over to Cold Stone to cool off with some ice cream and then we hit up Baby Gap for some good deals! The kids did awesome and Heather and I had such a fun time. Thanks, Heather, for driving on over to our neck of the woods! Can't wait until next time! :)

If you're ever up for meeting us at some fountains, give us a call! We're in! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

G.O.T.W. 2010

What is G.O.T.W., you ask? is Girls Only Tiki Weekend, of course! :) Tiki, is a little island right before you enter into Galveston. Allison, invited a group of us girls down to her Tiki house for the whole weekend. There were 11 kids (there are 28 between all of us!)...for 3 days!!! It was the best weekend and a much needed break for all of us. The weekend consisted of laughing, talking until 4 in the morning, crying, playing games, going to the beach, pedicures, Bingo, going out to eat, and so many more memories. Even though I have known all of these girls for many, many years and we have literally done so much of our day to day life together, this weekend brought all of us to a whole new level of friendship! I loved every minute of it and I feel so blessed to have each of you in my life.

Thank you, Allison, for opening up your beautiful home and hosting this amazing time for us! You truly out did yourself!!! Can't wait until G.O.T.W. 2011!!!