Sunday, February 26, 2012

School Days

The girls have had a lot going on with school. When they're busy with activities, projects and field trips, it makes us all busy. :)

Maggie was Star Student of the Week. She loved picking out her pictures and helping with her poster. We could have put about 20 more on there, but were told to keep it to a minimum. It was a little difficult. Ha!

Lily had to do an Economics Project. They were told to decide on a good or service to "sell" to the class. She decided on a good and made bracelets. She then had to make a poster describing her good and also come up with a price that she would sell it at. It was a fun project that the whole family got to enjoy. :)

Lily also went on field trip to the zoo with the whole 2nd grade. Conn and I both went as chaperones and we also brought Cash and Rhett. It ended up being the coldest day of the week and was really windy. But, we all bundled up and had a great time. We had two sweet girls from Lily's class walk around with us. They LOVED Cash and he ate up every second of the attention! Ha! We are so blessed to be able to do these fun things with all of our children.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Park Play

It was gorgeous outside today! I think it got up to 72. We actually have the A/C running right now because the kids said they were hot upstairs in their rooms at bedtime. I love Texas!

The boys and I took advantage of this beautiful day and met Conn at the park for lunch and to play.

Cash was in heaven! Daddy and playing outside are just about the 2 greatest things to him!

Rhett loved it, too! It was actually his first time to ever go to the park!

Cash took Rhett down the slide. I think it both freaked them out a little! Poor 4th baby! Ha!

First swing ride. He LOVED it!

Love my boys! All 3 of them!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lots of Love

Hope you all had a happy heart's day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Day

Today, was the 100th Day of School. The Kindergarteners were to dress as if they were 100 years old. So, of course, Maggie was ALL about it!

They paraded around school with their classes. It was the cutest thing!

After the parade Conn headed with Cash to his school where Donuts with Dad was going on.

Rhett and I headed to his 4 month check-up. Yes, we are a month behind. Oops! He weighs a little over 17 lbs and is 26 in. long. He just finished his 4th antibiotic for ear infections, and his ears still aren't clear. Poor dude! We are headed to the ENT next week to discuss tubes. Praying we can get this taken care of and finally get him some relief and ALL of us some sleep! Other than his ears, he is absolutely perfect and progressing right on track! They said we could start solids, but I think we'll wait a couple more months. With the rapid rate that his weight is increasing, I'm pretty sure he is getting all he needs from his mama's milk. Ha!

This is what he does to his ears every time he eats and constantly throughout the day. It breaks my heart!

One last thing. Along with some of my friends, I started a Photo a Day challenge for the month of February.

Day view

Carline. Bleh! Need I say more?!