Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun on the Farm

Over Spring Break, Conn took off of work for a couple of days and we took the kids to the farm. It was perfect weather and fun was had by all! There was a lot of playing and relaxing. The kids almost didn't know what to do with all the freedom they had.
The Darby and Mckellar families came up one day. Thankful for a great day with sweet friends.

This sweet boy is going on week 2 of having the flu. He has been so, so sick! We have had many dr.'s appointments and even ended up in the ER last night. Since he is so young, there is really nothing they can give him unless it ends up in his lungs. Thankfully, it has not. They are just letting it run its course. Well, that has been SO not fun!! His fever comes and goes and his cough is awful. He is just plain miserable! We are just praying for relief and for all of this to end soon.

These were taken before the flu set in. Ready to have this happy baby back.

Friday, March 23, 2012

SUYL - Mom's of Big Families

I am linking up over at Kelly's Korner for a SUYL - Mom's of Big Families post.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

These are my 4 little loves! Lily is 7, Maggie will be 6 in April, Cash is 3 and Rhett is 6 months. When Conn and I got married (and even when we were engaged) there was constant talk of having a large family. We always said that we wanted 6 kids. Well, 4 kids later, we can both 100% say that we are G-O-O-D! Our life is full and our life is blessed! 2 girls and 2 boys! Seriously, what could be more perfect?! Rhett has made the perfect little caboose for our family. Having 4 has truly rocked my world...not gonna lie! But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you, Lord, for my sweet family!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Lily has just recently started taking piano lessons. She LOVES it!! I have never taken piano, so I have no clue about any of it. But, I must say that I am kind of impressed at what she has learned from just 2 lessons. She loves all things music! So, this is right up her alley! I hope she keeps it up and it becomes a life long passion for her.

Week 1

Week 2

Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Things Texas

Here is Houston, we have what is known as "Go Texan Day". I've lived here since I was 5, but have never put much thought into it. It's just always been around and happens during the months of Feb. and March. Anyway, all of our schools take part by dressing up as cowgirls and cowboys and celebrating all things Texas!

2 pretty cowgirls...

Cash got him some new boots. He loves them, to say the least!

Also, during these months, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is taking place. I LOVE going to the rodeo and seeing the great concerts. This year, we were able to see Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry. They were both SO great!!!

Lady A with the McKellar's...

The Band Perry with my man...
I love being a Texan! :)

The stars at night - are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas.
The prairie sky - is wide and high
Deep in the heart of Texas.
The sage in bloom - is like perfume
Deep in the heart of Texas.
Reminds me of - the one I love
Deep in the heart of Texas.
The cowboys cry - ki-yip-pie-yi
Deep in the heart of Texas.
The rabbits rush - around the brush
Deep in the heart of Texas.
The coyotes wail - along the trail
Deep in the heart of Texas.
The doggies bawl - and bawl and bawl
Deep in the heart of Texas.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1/2 Marathon

Conn ran his first 1/2 Marathon here in The Woodlands. The crazy guy didn't even train for it! I was nervous for him, but of course, he totally rocked it! Way to go, babe!

He ran with some of his buddies.

Yes, he has really tall friends. Or, maybe he's just really short. Either way, I love him.
Next time, I expect the full! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

1/2 Birthday

Rhett is 6 months old!
How in the world did this happen?! It has flown by! Of course, we continued our family tradition of celebrating with a 'Happy 1/2 Birthday' cake!

We love you, precious boy!

More updates to come soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

iPhone Dump

Like most of y'all, my phone is constantly within reach. I hardly ever talk on it, but I do text a lot through out the day with Conn, my mom, and my friends. When I'm nursing, I check my email, facebook, twitter, and Pinterest. I look up bible verses for my bible study, research random things, and read blogs. I also make sure to keep it close by in case the school calls with sick kiddos or something.
BUT, probably my most favorite part of my phone is the camera/video. I love that I can capture our crazy life in a split second and I don't have to run across the house getting my big/nice camera (yes, I still use it on special occasions). If the kids are doing something really funny or if Rhett is being ever so precious, I can just pull out my phone and capture it with one silent, little touch! Half the time, the kids have NO idea. It truly is amazing! I love that I can edit them right then and there with Instagram or other fun apps.
Anyway, all of that being said, here is a major iphone dump from the past month or so. You have probably seen most of these if you follow me on twitter or if we're friends on facebook. Or, I might have even texted them to you. :)

1. #febphotoaday - Stuck. Amazing and life changing. You should totally check it out and dive right in.

2. #febphotoaday - Hands

3. #febphotoaday - 10am

4. Super Bowl Sunday

5. Laundry...need I say more?! One weekend I did 8 loads. By the time I had finished, the baskets were aready full again.

6. #febphotoaday - Self Portrait

7. Rhett had tubes put in his ears. It all happened so quick. We were at the ENT one day, and by the next morning at 7am, he had already had surgery. It has changed his life and ours! Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of tubes!!!

8. We be ghetto! A stool is currently holding our oven door up, and we are using a hello kitty belt to strap Rhett in his swing.

9. My view some nights. Conn is the baby whisperer when it comes to putting our babies to sleep. He definitely has the touch! Oh, and Brad Pitt ain't bad either. ;)

10. #febphotoaday - dinner

11. #febphotoaday - makes me happy

12. #febphotoaday - blue ( I had never tasted Nutella. My sweet friend, Annalee, sent this little gift to me in the mail for my birthday. So sweet. Oh, and it's pretty good stuff.)

13. We love Friday's! It's Conn's only day off, and we treasure it so much! Cash's especially loves it! He has one on one time with his daddy while the girls' are at school. :)

14. Every Sat. night after church, we go to dinner with these 2 sweet families. We've done this for years. Between us, we have 9 kids. Yes, we get the look when we walk in restaurants! Ha! This night, we decided to cook and eat at one of the couple's home. It was a nice change.

15. My little sidekick! He's with me literally all day, every day! I love those huge eyes, that button nose and those perfect lips! So, so yummy!!

16. Lunch with my littlest men.

17. These brother's get a lot of time together. Cash loves Rhett so much, and Rhett thinks Cash is pretty much the funniest thing in the world. It's fun to watch them interact.

18. Valentines Day - A surprise card left in my car, a date with my man, and flowers from my daddy

19. The girls crafting (and dress-up). A usual scene in our home.

20. No words. :)

21. Some days, when I've had enough, my sweet husband gives me a "mommy" time out. Where do I go? To the comfort of my parents QUIET home and my dad's famous cinnamon rolls!

22. Someone learned a new trick.

23. I've been a part of a game night with a group of my girl friends for about the past 12 years. This night, the theme for our gifts was movies. Thank you, pinterest, for the inspiration. :)

24. He loves (and lives) in this thing.

25. Who needs to eat when there is t.v. to watch! Ha!

26. It's a beautiful day!