Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Children's Bedrooms / Nurseries

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, is hosting a home blog tour, every Friday. Today, is the children's bedrooms/nurseries edition.

Since my children (2 girls and 1 boy) have been born, we have lived in two different houses, and have had about 6 different children's bedrooms/nurseries. So, I'm going to do something a little different, and pick out my favorite ones...from the 2 different houses. :)


Cash's "Crib"

This is my sweet baby boy, Cash's, nursery. He was born this past Dec.1st. He will be 6 months old on Monday. WOW!!

Many have asked why we chose the "vintage music/guitar" theme, and it really all started when I saw Conn's guitars sitting in our office one day. It just sort of came to me. I kept telling my mom that I had it all figured out in my head, but it just needed to come to life. Well, it did, and it is everything I dreamed it would be. I love it! It was so fun to decorate for a boy after being engulfed by pink for over 4 years! :)

So, here is the big reveal.

This is the view to the left, when you walk into his room.

This is the same iron bed that both of the girls had slept in, but we spray painted it black. We bought the bumper from Pottery Barn and my mom made the bed skirt. I still want to add a big red tin star on the blank wall above the head of his bed.
We bought plain wooden letters and spray painted them red. My mom then came up with the cool idea to mount them on sheet music from a Johnny Cash song book. The pages were bright white, so we tea stained them literally in a bowl of tea. We stuck them in the microwave for a couple of seconds, and they dried right up.
I actually bought this dresser at Canton before I was ever even pregnant. It has been sitting in our garage for over a year. The red was a little brighter than the rest of the red in the room, so we put a couple of coats of stain on it, and voila . It was already distressed with the paint peeling off, which was exactly what we wanted.
I got this idea from a coffee shop in Tomball. We bought these albums at an Estate Sale for $1 a piece. Except for the Johnny Cash one...middle on the top. That was a very special gift from our sweet friend, Molly! :)
This is the view to the right, when you walk into his room. We still need to make a cushion for the black rocker.
This was the first guitar that Conn learned to play when he was 9.

The window valance was once again my mom's brilliant idea. We bought a shelf and broke the back off of it making what was supposed to be the top, the front. We spray painted it red (sensing a theme here?) and bought some old 45's at an antique store. The material has sheet music printed all over it. Once again, it was a bright white, so we tea stained it, as well. My mom just hot glued the fabric to the molding of the windows.
Here is another one of Conn's guitars. The cabinet, was actually our island in our kitchen at our old house. We will probably turn it into a changing table. It has great storage underneath.
This was just a plain black lamp that we glued fringe on to. We painted the Ukulele, that was hot pink. We had bought it for the girls on one of our trips to Mexico. Sorry, girlies! :)
This is the whole view when you walk into his room.

His first monogrammed item that I had made for him.
These are his first ever cowboy boots that I CANNOT wait for him to grow in to. They were given to Cash by our sweet, sweet friends, the Sherman's.
Well...there you have it! Hope he enjoys it as much as we do.
Please come on by for a visit! I know Cash would LOVE to meet you and show you his "crib". :)

Girls Nursery

This was Maggie's ( now 3) and Lily's (almost 5) nursery. When Maggie was born, we just used all of Lily's nursery stuff, and Lily moved into a "big girl" room (posted below).

I loved, loved, loved this nursery! It was an antique theme. The colors were pink, tan, and olive green. The mural on the wall, was painted by one of our dear friends. She painted it on a board, so that it could easily be moved and wasn't permanent. Now, it hangs in our playroom. My mom, made the crib bumpers out of some cute table cloths that she found. We could never find material that I liked. The valance above the window, is actually a shelf. We hot glued the curtains onto it. My dad, built the hutch that is in the far left of the picture. It was in our dining room, but, fit perfectly in the nursery. The pink dresser and the dressing table, are both wonderful antique thrift finds. I wish I had better pictures. But, of course I can't get them, since we don't live in the house anymore. :)


"big girl" Room

Lily's colors are pink and black and her theme is cowgirls. We had a friend of ours come in and paint this amazing mural on the wall. Do you see the little girl sitting on the fence? That is my favorite part. :) The twin iron bed was mine growing up. I slept in it until I got married! Her duvet cover, that my mom made, has cute cowgirl boots all over it. We painted all of the furniture ourselves. Most of it was mine growing up or antique shop finds. I loved this room (yes, it is from our old house), and we miss it so much!!! She still has all of this stuff in the new house...minus the mural! So, it is just not the same. Should of had it painted on a board like the first mural that was in the nursery! Dern!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!! See ya next Friday!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

9th Anniversary...Progressive Style!

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on the May 20th. We didn't have any major plans (we're saving that for next year!). But, Conn did arrange for a sitter to come over and he did plan a fun night around The Woodlands.

We started off at Americas , for a great dinner.

Conn had gone to the restaurant earlier in the day and had given them rose petals and a card to put on the table.

The waiter brought us a piece of cake with one candle in it...because he thought that it was our 1st anniversary. HA!!!

After dinner, we walked over to The Woodlands Waterway, and watched all the cool fountains.

Why I love him, so!! :)

Pretty sure Conn could have stayed there all night. But, we had a movie to catch!

We walked on over to Tinseltown and saw this...
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

After our movie, we ended the night with some yummy dessert at Hubble and HudsonThanks babe, for a wonderful night! I love you!

Oh.....and what did I do for Conn for our anniversary???

I signed him up for some piano lessons that he has been dying to take since we met. He starts on Monday and is soooo pumped about them. I told him that these lessons better pay off and that he has to play like this for day! I'll keep you posted!

We love, love, love this!
Make sure you watch all 8 min!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dancing Girl

Lily has been taking ballet and tap for over a year. She loves it and has actually gotten pretty good at it. For someone like myself, who has never taken a day of dance in my life, I think the girl may actually have some skills. Lily loves to perform, and hit every step, tap, and point, right on target. She told us that she wants to take a little break over the summer, but wants to start up again in the fall. Last week we were able to attend a parent preview class. It was so fun to see what she learns at every class and to see how much she has progressed since the beginning of the year.