Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lotta Love

4 month (almost 5...oops!) stats
19 lbs. 11 oz. (97%)
27 1/2 in. (97%)

Thank you, Danyel, for the onesie! We LOVE it!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Party Palooza

It's GREAT to be 3!!!
Maggie has had one amazing 3rd birthday!
She is a B-I-G girl, now!!!

We started off her day with brownies in bed. We forgot to get her a cake the night before (shh!), so I made some brownies before she woke up.

Later on that afternoon, we had a family Dora party at the park. Maggie, and her cousin Campbell, share the exact same b-day. Campbell Britt was turning 2!
Birthday Girls!!! Aren't they a-DORA-ble?! Hehe!

Oh, look...another cake. :) Maggie has been asking for this ice cream cake for over a year, now. Our new house is right by a Baskin Robbin's ice cream shop. Every time we have gone there, she has seen it on some sign in the store and begs for it. So...we broke down and finally got her one. Cheap little suckers, I tell ya!!! HA!!

Her b-day was on a Sunday, so she wore her b-day shirt to school the Tuesday after. We also surprised her by taking cupcakes to her class.
This cracks me up. This is what she did the whole time her class was singing to her. HA!

Saying the blessing before cupcake time. If you have never heard or seen her do it, you have got to ask her. It is classic!!!

We love you, B-I-G girl!!!

We are headed out on a mini family vacation, this weekend. As always, more pics when we return. Have a blessed weekend!!! See ya!