Friday, September 30, 2011

3 Weeks

Rhett is 3 weeks old! We went last week to his 2 week check-up and he weighs 9lbs. 5oz. He is an eating machine and is starting to fill out with some chubbiness on his thighs and definitely in his cheeks! He just moved up yesterday to a size 1 diaper.

Rhett LOVES his paci and HATES his car seat! When I say HATES, I mean HATES!!! He screams from the moment we put him in to the moment we take him out. Sometimes if he is asleep or if someone is back there shaking the seat and keeping his paci in, he will somewhat calm down. Other than that, riding in the car with him is pretty much a nightmare. Car line is fun, let me tell ya! Ha!

He is sleeping really far. I usually feed him between 10:30pm-12am and he'll sleep until about 5am. He sometimes stirs around 3am, but I have been putting his paci in and he has been going back to sleep. I'm praying this sleep pattern continues.

He is definitely our easiest baby so far. Rarely cries (except in the car) and is very easy going. The older 3 have adjusted really well. They are all in love with him! Constantly wanting to hold and kiss him.

Conn and I are adjusting too. Ha! Having 4 kids has proven to be very difficult at times, but we are slowly getting the hang of it. Sometimes, we don't really know if we should laugh or cry. Thankfully, we choose laughter most of the time! Right now we are just trying to survive day by day! But, no matter how chaotic life may get, we never forget how truly blessed we are!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rhett's Birth Story

We're here!!! We're alive!!! Rhett is already 2 weeks old! We are slowly but surely coming out of the newborn fog! :)

Many have asked about Rhett's birth story. Although it was very exciting and did come with some surprises, it was nothing like Cash's. Sorry to disappoint. Ha! :)

On Thursday (Sept. 8) I started feeling a little "off" around dinner time. I really can't describe it, just different. Conn left for a meeting at 6:30pm, leaving me with strict instructions to text him if anything was to happen. I had a feeling that this might be the night, so I had him take a picture before he left.

40 weeks

I started having contractions off an on, but they were still 15-20 min apart. As I was recording all of these times, I was putting kids to bed, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and folding clothes. I was just trying to stay busy so the contractions would pick up and become more consistent.

Conn got home around 9:00pm. I sent a text to our sitter and gave her the heads up that we would probably be needing her to come over soon (she lives about 2 min. away) and sent a text out to the grandparents. Contractions weren't bad, but definitely getting stronger. I knew we would be heading to the hospital shortly. I got dressed, got the kids clothes ready for school the next day, packed lunches, etc. Conn was totally chilled about the whole thing and sat down to watch football. :)

Okay, so this is where the excitement kicks in. :) I went to check on the kids one last time. As I was coming back downstairs, I had a really big contraction at the very top of the stairs. I stood there for a minute to breathe through it and let it pass. As soon as it was over, my water broke!!!!!! When I say broke, I mean it burst! I literally heard it!! I just kind of laughed and stood there...not knowing what to do. My water has never broken on its own. A crazy feeling, by the way. I looked over the balcony to tell Conn. He said he had been watching me since the start of the contraction. He jumped up and we both just kind of looked at each other. Ha! I went to change clothes while Conn loaded the car. Our sitter showed up and we left about 10:30pm to head to the hospital. I was texting people on the way there through each contraction. They were coming on pretty strong at this point, along with a lot of pressure. I couldn't believe that this was it! We were about to meet our precious, Rhett!

We checked into the hospital at 10:45pm. I was dilated 5cm. They had been warned that I progress really fast, so they went ahead and put in my order for the epidural. :)

At about 11:45pm I got my epidural. It kicked in and I was feeling good! :)

Some of the cheering crew...

Janet, Chris, Mammy

It's GO time!

3 easy pushes later, Rhett made his BIG debut at 12:17am!
Happy Birthday, my precious love!!!

He was SO alert and wide awake. Never making a peep. Just looking around and taking everything in.

The whole crew (minus my dad who was taking the picture)

Dr. Strong who has delivered all 4 of my babies!

My oh-so talented friend, Shannon, who is responsible for these amazing pictures! Love her! :)

Aunt Shar-Shar

Mrs. Janet



PawPaw and Nanny

First bath...

Snug as a bug...

Rhett meeting the rest of the crew. They were just a tad excited!

Family of SIX! Seriously?! WOW!

We LOVE having visitors!

Carly and Maggie

Kim, Huntley, and Hudson

The Morgan's

Uncle Brandon, Aunt Shar-Shar, and Campbell

Stacy and Lexie

We headed home the next day. We were SO beyond ready to get out of the hospital!

Let the fun begin!!! :)