Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Viva Mexico

Conn and I just got back from the most amazing getaway in Mexico. We stayed at a wonderful resort just outside of Playa del Carmen called the El Dorado Royale. We left last Thursday and got back yesterday (Wednesday). There were no children allowed at the resort, so we actually experienced 6 days of never hearing any crying or whining. It was HEAVENLY! The trip was a gift given by our church as a thank you to Conn for serving there for 10+ years. Crazy that it has been that long!! We spent our days laying out by the pool and our evenings eating at luxurious restaurants within the all-inclusive resort (there were at least 10). We ate things like lobster, mahi-mahi, filet mignon, and duck...just to name a few. We also ate things like nachos, pizza, and candy bars. We ate, we laid out and got REALLY tan, we took naps, and we ate. And we did it all without hearing a single baby/child the entire trip. As the trip got closer to the end though, we did start missing our girls. They are at a fun age... sometimes a totally frustrating age, but a fun one nonetheless. Here are a few pictures from our trip. However, if you read this blog with crying kids in the background, you'll lose the full effect of the pics. :)

Our room

Outside of our front door

Outside of our back door

Conn having fun with our lobster fondue

Towel sculptures that were on our bed everyday
This is what Conn did for 5+ hrs. everyday
Sitting pool-side

Down by the sea

The view as you walked along the sidewalks of the resort

7 months

Eating lunch pool- side

Swinging "beds"

This is what I did for 5+ hrs. everyday

They had the most amazing food and presentations

Conn heading out to snorkel
Cash and I watching Conn :)

28 week baby bump
Playing water polo

These iguanas were all over the resort. They would just pop out of holes and stuff.

We went to the town of Playa one night.

Conn taking some scuba lessons in the pool

Our last night

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Up and Running!!!!

IKE Recap:

We're here!!!! YEA!!!! We survived Ike and feel very blessed to have no damage done to our house or our cars. A couple of limbs fell, and we haven't had power since Sat. (it came on at 10:00 tonight - Tuesday), but other than that, we are OK! Thank you, Jesus!

We hunkered down here and waited out the storm. All four of us slept through the whole thing, in our beds, and didn't wake up until 9:00 the next morning. That's us McWhorter's for ya! :) Conn's parent's have had power since Sunday, but we just decided to stay at our house. The girls and I have had some long days, with Conn having to work at church and all, but we have made it just fine. We made sure to somehow keep the laptops charged for a quick fix of much needed DVD time.

Conn and I only had to postpone our vacation for a couple of days. We will be leaving on Thursday.

Hope you are all well and we hope to see or talk with you soon!!!! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

100th Post

In honor of my 100th post, Conn and I thought we would celebrate by taking trip. Not really. :) far as a celebration goes, that is. But...we are scheduled to fly out on Monday for a 7 day getaway that we have had planned for months. We'll see if it happens.

Hopefully our feet will be landing here in a couple of days.