Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Should Have Stayed In Cabo!

I LOVE this! I copied it from my moms blog. Thanks, Mammy, for the laughs!

All last week we stayed at Ashley and Conn's house with their 3 little ones while Mom & Dad "frolicked" in Cabo San Lucas! It would have been a fairly easy "gig" if we had not decided to "re-do" their living room!! Yeah - we're kinda crazy like that! But the kids were great! All our grand babies are great when we keep them cause we give them whatever they want!! Isn't that what grandparents are supposed to do??!!! So while the cat's were away - the mice did play...just a little!!

We took our "Super Heroes" to a birthday costume party!! They were ready to leap tall buildings to save the damsel in distress!!

but.........we NEVER let them eat anything sugary or unhealthy!!!!

We watched them very carefully and did NOT let them climb on Pappy's ladder while watching TV!!

We NEVER let them eat in the Living Room!!!

We would NEVER give Maggie her old "passie" to play with!! And we would NEVER let Cash push his big sister all around the house bumping into the furniture!!

And we would NEVER let these babies open the windows and climb in and out of the house!!!!

No - NEVER!!

And we would NEVER let this little boy go out on the porch and play on this trampoline without constant supervision!!

Nor would we EVER let the kids pull their mama and daddy's comforter off their bed and lay on it while watching TV!!

And we would NEVER let them eat one of those "big straws full of pure sugar"!!!!

You know we just would never let those kids do anything that their parents would not let them do - no NEVER!!! Shhhhh! Don't tell - we may NEVER get to do it again!!


Callie said...

ha ha ha!!! LOVE it!!

Rachel Cobb said...

That is awesome! Laughed out loud!

Elizabeth Seay said...

your mom is hilarious!
and a really fun mammy!
is she available to take in more kids nov 13-15th?

Kristyn said...

That was so awesome!!! I laughed so hard!!

Lacey said...

Too funny!!!

Lindsey said...

Hilarious!!! Needed a good laugh!!

Kelly said...

That's awesome! How funny! At least they had a great time with the grandbabies!

Allison said...


Ben and Emily said...

Too funny!!

Amanda said...

grandparents... so bad and so awesome! :)

Amanda said...

well my little friendly inquiring mind, I have to get checked because they want to watch and see if my labor is progressing in case I go into labor before the c! which totally freaks me out by the way!!

Abby said...

That is priceless! I love it! :)

The Knowles Family said...

OH. MY. GOSH! THAT'S HILARIOUS!!! My mom kept my three kiddos when I was recovering from surgery. I can totally relate! How fun! Thanks for the laugh!