Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Both of the girls, had book character parades at their schools, on the exact same day. Maggie went as Spider Girl, which was also her Halloween costume. But, not Lily. No, ma'am!! She wanted a whole other costume for her parade. HA! So, she decided on Little Red Riding Hood.

Getting ready to leave for Lily's parade...

Look! It's George and Barbara! :)

Then, we raced off to Spider Girls parade...

Batman, wanted to join in on the fun!
We had to change things up a bit this year for Halloween. Conn had to be at church services, and I had a wedding to go to. So, we didn't do any trick or treating. We don't really talk that much about it in our house, so it didn't even phase them . The girls were going to go with Conn to the Fall Festival at church, and that was fine by them. But...of course there was one stop we did have to make at Mrs. Janet's house. This is a must every Halloween!

Dressed and ready to go...

Trick or Treat

I LOVE this picture! Not only because it is one of our all time favorite persons with her sweet babies, but also because Maggie and Cash WILL NOT take their eyes off of, Dudley, the dog! They are terrified of that dog. HAHA!!

Conn took the camera with him to the Fall Festival and took some pictures for me. Such a good husband. :)

Super Hero's McWhorter's meeting up with Super Hero's O'Quinn's

Playing some games
Always a fun time with Daddy!
Way to go, babe! Fun pic! :)
While Conn and the girls were at the Fall Festival, Cash and I, went to my cousins wedding.

Cash and my oldest brother, Brandon

There were no high chairs at the reception, so Pappy used his tie to hold Cash in. HA!


Hanging out with Shar-Shar and Pappy

That's enough pictures, Mammy!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


Janet said...

I love these pictures. Thanks so much for bringing those precious babies to my house! I love all of you so much!

Jo said...

Super cute! My favorite is the one with the tie holding Cash in the chair! How funny!

Amanda said...

haha... I love all the pictures of them from behind! They totally look like a mini superhero group! Precious!!!

Lacey said...

So cute!! Lily told me all about her Fall Family Fun at Church yesterday. She is a doll. THey all look so cute i their Halloween costumes!