Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Was Featured

A couple of months ago, I entered Cash's nursery on the Design Dazzle blog. Today, when I clicked on their site, I saw that it had been chosen to be featured. How fun is that!

Design Dazzle

Vintage/Music Theme Boys Baby Nursery

Oh my gosh. ...isn't this room the best! Ashley McWhorter designed this room for her son Cash.

1. What gave you the idea for the room? Anything special that inspired you?
Many have asked why we chose the "vintage music/guitar" theme, and it really all started when I saw my husbands guitars sitting in our office one day. It just sort of came to me. I kept telling my mom that I had it all figured out in my head, but it just needed to come to life. Well, it did, and it is everything I dreamed it would be. I love it! It was so fun to decorate for a boy after being engulfed by pink, from two daughters, for over 4 years!

I got this idea from a coffee shop in Tomball. We bought these albums at an Estate Sale for $1 a piece. Except for the Johnny Cash one...middle on the top. That was a very special gift from our sweet friend, Molly!

2. What are the paint colors? Any do-it-yourself projects?
Can't remember the exact names of the paint colors. All the projects you see were actually all do-it yourself. We bought the bumper from Pottery Barn and my mom made the bed skirt. I still want to add a big red tin star on the blank wall above the head of his bed.

We bought plain wooden letters and spray painted them red. My mom then came up with the cool idea to mount them on sheet music from a Johnny Cash song book. The pages were bright white, so we tea stained them literally in a bowl of tea. We stuck them in the microwave for a couple of seconds, and they dried right up.

The window valance was once again my mom's brilliant idea. We bought a shelf and broke the back off of it making what was supposed to be the top, the front. We spray painted it red (sensing a theme here?) and bought some old 45's at an antique store. The material has sheet music printed all over it. Once again, it was a bright white, so we tea stained it, as well. My mom just hot glued the fabric to the molding of the windows.

This was just a plain black lamp that we glued fringe on to. We painted the Ukulele, that was hot pink. We had bought it for the girls on one of our trips to Mexico.

Ashley, thank you for sharing you son's nursery with Design Dazzle. It's a unique and way-too-cute nursery!


Callie said...

well lookie there!! Aren't you the cool and trendy momma!! Love the room :)!!

Janet said...

So awesome!

Jessica Brooke Willis said...

That is sooo neat Ashley! You and your mom are so creative!

Tiffany said...

I remember seeing Cash's room when you first blogged about it & LOVED it! Can you & your mom come visit & help when we do Reagan's big girl room (even though we've never officially met...ha!)? And I totally just had a blond moment & got the whole Johnny Cash/ vintage guitar thing, although I probably shouldn't be admitting to that...but it makes me appreciate the room that much more!

Jennifer said...

I love Cash's room! It is so cool, yet cute at the same time.

Tricia said...

How fun! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cash's room! I have thought of stealing some of those wonderful ideas to decorate Cian's 1/2 of the boys room :-) He is my guitar playing, Johnny Cash lover. Now the other side is devoted to camo, surviving out in the wilderness, camping - that sort of thing type theme. How oh how am I going to merry those two to make the perfect Cade and Cian room? Any ideas from my talented friend would be SO appreciated ;-)

Misty Straley said...

Fun stuff! Great job on getting your hard work "featured"! Love it...

Rusty and Jennifer said...

A well deserved honor!
It is a beautiful nursery!

Lorren Says... said...

How fun!! He does have an adorable nursery. :)

Connie McWhorter said...

Boy, that should make you and your mom and dad proud! It is precious!