Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Huntereeno 09

Conn went this past weekend on his yearly small group hunting trip, Huntereeno, at the McWhorter farm. The guys look forward to this ALL year and set the dates months in advance so us wives and kids can be totally prepared for it. Even still, are we ever really prepared for our husbands to leave us for 3 days? HA!! Seriously, though, I am so blessed that he has this amazing group of guys in his life. He loves them and that is so great for a wife to see!!

Here are some pictures that my dad took. He is the Huntereeno's official chef. He makes every meal and absolutely loves it. My dad is so funny about all of this. He comes up with a very detailed menu and researches recipes for new things to try. This year was something called the Armadillo. I heard it was out of this world! Hmmm...


My dad made two breakfast's every morning. One at 4:30am when they would all leave to go on their first hunt, and then one at around 10ish when they would all come back.

Don't you love the computer on the table? HA!! Conn said that while they are all in different stands all over the ranch, that they text each other and see what the other one is doing. So stinking funny!!!

They seemed to hang out a lot. I'm not sure when all the hunting took place. :)

And...they're off!

And...they came back with a hog. The guy on the right is, Billy. This was his first time to ever go hunting. BUT, he was the only guy that shot anything. Way to go, Billy!!!

I think a fun weekend was had by all!!! Thanks, boys, for loving my man!!! He is blessed, indeed!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's only for a day and a half!! Cut us men a little slack!! :) I love you baby. Great post! We are definitely blessed with such great friends. -Conn

Connie McWhorter said...

I personally loved the white lace tablecloths and camouflage gear together. What a fashion statement!!! Glad you all had fun. Love you, Mom

Allison said...

look like they had a great day! love that house they are at!