Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Days

***It rained a couple of days this past week. So we filled those hours with...



being precious

and, reaching up and saying, "MOMMA!", one hundred times a day!

***Lily has fallen in love with reading and she is really good at it. This is how I find her most nights when I go to check on her before I get in bed.

***I attended a wedding last weekend of a girl that used to be in my bible study group. At that time, she was in junior high and high school. She is now, almost 25 and a NICU nurse!!! When did I become so old?

Me and the beautiful bride, Brittney

Katie, Lindsay, Brit, and Me
All 3 of these girls were in my group. I have loved and raised them since the 8th grade! :)

Lindsay, Me, and Katie

***Lily is my little helper and it is so great! She can tie her brothers and sisters shoes, make her own bed and clean the playroom, help get snacks and juice for Cash and Maggie and so much more. I love, that she loves, to be a little mommy! :)

***The girls set up a lemonade stand with our precious neighbors, Madi and Tess. They had a blast and made a killing! $2.75 a piece! WooHoo!!! :)

Madi and Tess, have a 2yr old brother, Eli. He is beyond adorable! :)

Eli loved hanging with Pappy! Who doesn't?

***We had a play date with our friend, Emily. It was such a fun time!!! We can't wait until Emily is at school with Lily next year! Yay!!!

***Cash has learned to walk down the stairs as opposed to scooting on his bottom. Such a BIG boy! He is SO proud of himself! :)

***The girls got their hair "cut" for the 1st time from a real hairdresser. Mammy has been the only one to ever cut their hair. They did great!

***I am slowly in the process of cleaning out closets. I am ashamed to say that Maggie's closet ranged in sizes from 18months-4T. Do ya think it was about time for me to take on this project? HA!

***We leave tomorrow to go on our annual vacation with Conn's family. About a year ago, we opted out of our usual beach vacation and chose to head to the Texas Hill Country. I am thinking it was meant to be.

Rust Falls on the Upper Guadalupe River, 2002 before the flood

Cash, is ready for the river :)

***This is how I go about my process of packing. I lay out everything that needs to be packed or loaded, on the dining room table. This is exactly what it looks like right now. It does not include mine or Cash's stuff. I should probably get off of here and go finish. HA! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic week!! I don't know if you'll be hearing from me or not. Pretty sure that there is no internet where we are going. :) Until next time...


stacy said...

Love the dress you wore to the wedding. Oh my goodness, Maggie's closet. YIKES!

The Barfuss Family said...

Y'all have been up to some serious fun!!!! And, know where you can send some of those precious clothes. :)

Jo said...

We had so much fun! We will do it again soon. Also, that vacation looks amazing. Can't wait to hear the details. Have fun!!

Lacey said...

Awesome!! Love all the activities. Looks like you could have been taking pictures at my house. Except instead of a lemonade stand, my kids were trying to sell their artwork. finally gavin decided he'd sell them for "free." Lol.

Hope that you guys have a blast at the River!! My parents say it's been absolutely beautiful up there lately. Have fun!!

Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a fun week! I love your dress too!

Have fun on y'alls trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!! Love reading your blogs and looking at your pictures!