Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My friend, Missy, recently posted this on her blog. I always love me a good answer and question session, so I thought it would be fun to play along. You should, too! Thanks for the idea, Missy! :)

I Have a Few Questions

Feel free to answer some, or all, or none (if you want to be a party pooper!) In no particular order, the random questions of the night are:

1. Are you watching The Bachelorette? Is it totally awkward for you too? I have never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. No particular reason. I have just never gotten into it.

2. How often do you sweep/mop your floors? I sweep my floors usually after every meal...if the kids are really messy. I never mop my floors. My cleaning lady does it every other Friday. If there is spill, I just get a rag to wipe it up.

3. Do you hate it when you can't walk barefoot on said floors because you obviously haven't swept often enough? See question #2

4. Do you have a cleaning schedule? If so, what is it? If not, how do you keep from your house being trashed 24/7, or do you care? I do not have a set cleaning schedule. I am beyond blessed to have a cleaning lady that comes every other Friday. She does it all! I would give up EVERYTHING to have her! I do try my best to pick up toys and such right after the kids go down for naps. It takes me anywhere from 5-10 min. That way, when Conn gets home from work, it doesn't look like a tornado has hit our house. HA! We also pick up...again...and clean the kitchen every night after the kids are in bed. So, in the mornings, it is always neat and orderly. And, sometimes, we just forget the whole entire thing and do nothing! :)

5. How many loads of laundry do you do in a week? I usually do all of my laundry on Sundays. It can be anywhere from 4-7 loads. If something needs to be done during the week, I will do a load here and there.

6. What is your all time favorite meal to cook? I do not like to cook. Just isn't my thing. Sorry, mom. I read a blog once where she said that she cooks/eats to survive and provide for her family...not for fun. That is totally me! Love it!

7. Are you reading any books right now? If so, what are they? Besides, Elmo, ONE. HUNDRED. TIMES. A. DAY!!!! Nope. Not reading any books.

8. How do you and your husband share the chores? Are there specific things that you each do, or is it more of a team effort? Conn and I are great about chores being a team effort. We kind of just split everything. If something needs to get done, then we see who is best at it or who is available to do it at that time, and it gets done.

9. What are you most excited about this summer? I am going on 3 vacations...2 family and 1 with just Conn and I. :)

10. What's your favorite Sonic drink? Large Diet Coke

11. Why do you/don't you blog? I blog b/c I really enjoy it. I have met SO many wonderful people. Some in real life and some just on the internet. I have never kept a baby book or a scrap book for any of our children, so this is all the documentation that I will ever have. Speaking of, I really need to have this printed one day. Oh, and you would think that with all of the pictures that I post on here that my house would be full of frames with pictures. Nope! Totally not the case. I am terrible about printing any of my pictures. So, my blog is a fun way to go back and look at all of the memories that we have made.

12. Do you grow your own herbs? How would one go about getting started if they wanted to? Nope. No herbs. See question # 6.

13. What's your best money saving tip? Sorry to say that we really don't have any money saving tips. Like a lot of other families, money is tight and times are hard. We literally live pay check to pay check. I guess the biggest money saving tip that we have used, is that in 10 years of marriage, we have never had/owned a single credit card. Not one. So, that makes it very easy on how we spend our money. If the money is there, we use it. If it is not, we wait until payday comes again.

14. What is the most treasured toy in your house right now? We don't really have a treasured toy. Cash is OBSESSED with any type of ball and my girls are HUGE into coloring, crafts and dress-up. They also all love t.v.

15. If you had to rent a movie tonight (newish release), what would it be? Dear John

Comment away. More might pop up later. :)


Jessica Brooke Willis said...

FUN question and answers! I just might have to do it...I am slacking in the picture department! I forgot how tired pregnancy makes you!

The Guess Family said...

I just started having my blogs printed at www.blog2print.com It was the easiest thing ever!!! It literally took me about 10 minutes. I am doing one year at a time and ordered 2006 and 2007. It is nothing fancy...it looks just like an elementary yearbook, but I love it. I am ordering 4 copies of each year....one for me and one for each of my girls when they grow up. :)

The Barfuss Family said...

I just posted my answers on my blog!!! Thanks for playing. This is fun.

ilovemy5kids said...

What a fun q and a! It was nice learning...loved the vacay pictures and the adorable babies!

Blessings to you,
lana @ ilovemy5kids