Monday, May 2, 2011


When this boy is not making me lose my mind, he is making me laugh! He says and does the funniest things all day long! Crazy to think that he won't be my baby for very long.

We had a date night with some couples from our Small Group. Our church was hosting an 80's and 90's Trivia night, and we decided that it would be fun to form a team. We placed 5th out of 14 teams. Not too bad for our 1st time, huh? :)

Team: Jamz and Jellies...

The girls of the night...

Cash LOVES trucks, cars, planes, motorcycle's, buses, you name it! It's actually more than a love, it's an obsession! He loves them so much, that I've already been planning the theme for his 3rd bday to be all about these things! Yes, I know it isn't until Dec. You can roll your eyes. Conn already did. :) So, we were at Kroger the other day, and there just happen to be a firetruck sitting out front. It wasn't an emergency, they were actually dropping guys off to shop for the fire station. I thought that was pretty funny! Anyway, Cash began to yell and wave to the man still sitting in the truck. We walked over so he could see it closer, and the fireman asked if Cash wanted to get inside the truck and look around. Of course!!! He also gave him a hat, turned on the lights for him and honked the horn. Cash talked about it the rest of that day!

Speaking of Cash, again, we are going to attempt potty training at the start of the summer. It makes me nauseous and nervous all at the same time! But, it is something I really want to do before the baby arrives. I've successfully never had two in diapers at the same time, and that's my goal this time around, too! Wish me (us) luck! We're gonna need it!! :)

Yes, he is wearing camo rain boots and there is a toy gun under the toilet! He's pure boy!

Maggie not only turned 5 a couple of weeks ago, she also learned to ride her bike with no training wheels. Mammy and Pappy came over one night and my dad bribed her into doing it. Very sweetly, of course. :) She took a couple of spills, but for the most part did awesome! Oh, and please ignore my obnoxious voice. I was just a little shocked that she actually did it.

My girls are embarking on a new journey (for them, at least) of sleepovers. Yes, they have spent the night away from us too many times for me to count. But, it has always been with grandparents or cousins. Now, it is with really close friends of theirs (ours). The girls are loving this new freedom!

Maggie went to her very first bday sleepover at Kate's house. "It was the best night ever!" I was told! :)

On the same night, Lily, got to invite her cousin, Carson, over for a sleepover! They had a blast and stayed up very, very late! :) So fun!

Well, I think that about wraps this oh-so random post up! Hope you all had a great Monday!


Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Loved all your pics!! Cash is a ham, Lily is gorgeous, and Maggie is so fun! I think you may have forgotten to mention that Maggie has on her nightgown in her bicycle video! Yep, she learned to ride a two-wheeler in her nightgown!! ha! That's Maggie!!

Connie McWhorter said...

Sounds as if the McWhorters are still having lots of fun!!! I'm looking for Elmo training pants for Cash. I can hardly believe that Maggie can ride her bicycle without training wheels! Way to go, Mags!!! I am so pround of my girl!
Love you all, Nanny

Green Mountain Living said...

Just a fellow blogger enjoying the new post. I believe Cash and my Emma are very close in age. She was born 12/3/08. And yes we have embarked on potty training as well in our house. Please please please share any ideas you have...we've been trying and she shows absolutely no interest. God Bless!

The Peterson's said...

Liked your random post- when we met Brian's cousin Jarod at his fire station, he came driving around the corner in the fire truck and Cole flipped. They too were returning from a grocery store run for chili dogs and ice cream. I found it funny they drive that huge truck to the store.

Anyway, good luck on the potty training. I have heard boys are more difficult and our boy doesnt seem to care at all about it yet...and he's almost 3. So I gave up for right now and will re-attempt this summer. I was about to pull my hair out. (seems like Riley just did it but she was older too). Cole also sits on the potty in his horse boots and brings a million toys along. Silly boys!!!