Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Months

Little man, little are 10 months old, today!!
How did this happen?

have 6 little chicklets...4 on top and 2 on bottom
sleep at least 12 hours every night
really only take 1 short nap a day
are SO close to walking, but will not take that first little step
have been so sick this month
eat anything and everything
are done with baby food
love yogurt
learned how to suck out of straw
still nurse 3-4 times a day
weigh 26 lbs. (at least you did before you got sick)
are still the happiest and most lovable little thing
pretty much hate your car seat
clap and wave "hi" and "bye"
have 3 words... "dada", "momma", and "bye"
throw with your right hand
love your sisters
will go to anybody and stay with anyone
are a true blessing and SO much more!!!


Julie Marler said...

I love that sweet thang so very much! He melts my heart! Guess he probably knows it too!

Janet said...

He is just so precious! I hope that sweet little love is feeling better soon. I love him so much!

Nessa said...

Ah! Cutie.

Lacey said...

Awww..happy 10 months. Hard to believe. Feel like we just got that call at the beach saying he was a boy! He is adorable- hope he is feeling better!!

Wendy McWhorter said...

He is so sweet. We love him and miss you all!