Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lily's Special Week

Lily's school, hosted a Donuts with Dad, breakfast. I don't know if she was more excited about Conn going, or abour being able to sit with all of her friends and their dad's. She is our little social butterfly!

Sweet friends and classmates, Gavin and Emily. Not only are all three of these in the same class, their parents are our friends, too. Gavin lives on our street and we use to be in a bible study with Emily's parents when she and Lily were 2. So fun how they all ended up in the same kindergarten class this year.

Gavin and his daddy, Frank.
Frank and Conn don't get along at all. HA!!


Lily, also had Walk to School Day (or, ride your bike). We are fortunate enough to live about 5 minutes from her school. So, she and Conn were able to participate in this fun activity. There were mascots, police men, and some teachers standing all along the trails. How cool is that?! They had drawn paw prints (we're the Bobcats) on the sidewalks, to lead them to school. They also were able to draw pictures and write their names on the sidewalk with chalk.
Yes, the girl STILL has training wheels! Sheesh! I don't know if she'll ever give them up. We have worked with her, but she just doesn't care that much about it. I have no idea where she might get her laid back personality. Certainly, not her parents. HA! She got a brand new "big" bike for her 5th birthday back in July. But, it is still sitting in the garage. Maggie will probably end up riding it before Lily will. :)

Sorry these pictures are all hazy. Can you tell it is humid in Houston? It was ONLY 93 today, in the middle of STINKIN' October!!!!

We love our school and are so blessed for her to be able to have such an awesome place to attend!


Nessa said...

..adn im SO jealous of your heat, its been inthe 40's and 50's here...brrr!

Lacey said...

Cute, Cute! Don't you just LOVE our school?!?
And yes, Frank and Conn are nothing alike. ;0)

Connie McWhorter said...

Lily had better keep an eye on that "big girl bike"!!! Love, Nanny