Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Man, My Man...is 37 Today!!!

Today, is my loves birthday!

In honor of his birthday, I am going to list 37 things that I LOVE about him...

1. He loves Jesus and his family more than life itself.
2. He has the biggest gift of mercy greater than anyone I have ever met.
3. He does everything with 100%.
4. He is fanatic about his clothes and shoes.
5. He gave me my three little loves.
6. That he is an amazing father.
7. He has the most annoying laugh and I love it.
8. He can clean a kitchen like nobody's business.
9. He is an awesome runner, but would never admit it.
10. He hates being short.
11. He has the most contagious smile.
12. He is the greatest encourager.
13. That our biggest arguments are over how many times he has to go to the bathroom.
14. That my girls have his blue eyes.
15. That he almost delivered Cash in the car and I would have totally been okay with that.
16. That he went to every single doctors visit with me with all 3 pregnancies.
17. His passion for the hurting.
18. That he decided to take piano lessons at 36 years old.
19. That he can play the guitar and sing to me and our children.
20. That I have never seen or heard him be hateful.
21. His secret love for rap music and that he knows every word.
22. His love for my family and his.
23. Watching him play with our children.
24. That he watches America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Hills and The City, with me, and is totally into it!!
25. That he lives for fantasy football and March Madness.
26. That he was the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland when he was in elementary school and can still quote every stinkin' line.
27. That he could literally lay in bed all day and sleep.
28. He is the funniest person I have ever met.
29. That he works hard so I can stay home.
30. Watching the way the girls run to him after a long day of work.
31. The way he kisses me like it was our very first one.
32. His love for his friends.
33. His love for hunting and fly fishing.
34. That one of his best friends is my dad.
35. His love for me and all my quirks.
36. That we share the same dreams.
37. That he is Conn!

I love you so much! I am blessed! We are blessed!
Happy Birthday, Babe!!


whitney said...

Ashley, that is such an awesome list and I admire both of u guys. You are blessed! Oh, I had to smile when I read " his passion for hurting people". I was like " what, cobb wouldn't hurt anybody?!?". Haha it's late and my mind isn't working.

Exum Family said...

I so wish we lived closer together. Conn and Jason are so much alike - merciful, encouraging, fanatical about clothes and shoes, awesome runner, hates being short, going to doctor's visits, passion for hurting people, lives for fantasy football, best friends with father-in-law, great daddies, could lay in bed all day and sleep... Wow! The main difference is that Jason isn't funny like Conn - and I totally do not mean that as a negative against Jason. He's just a more serious person.

Another reason I wished we lived closer because I so think we'd be friends - all the things you said in your reply to my breastfeeding questions. Thank you so much. Everything you said made perfect sense. It would be so nice to be around a family that isn't scheduled because then I wouldn't have to feel like I'm a failure as a mom. We aren't scheduled people either...and quite frankly, I love it because Jackson (and hopefully Allison) is so flexible.

Thanks so much for the advice. I think I'll pump after each feeding and also when she goes for a long time in between feedings. I prefer to feed her myself, but I would like the comfort of having something in the freezer for emergencies and date nights. And hey, I don't think you are crazy at all. I think you are totally balanced!

Ashley McWhorter said...

HAHA!! WWhitney, I totally just got that. SO stinking funny!!!! HAHA!!!:)

Kathy Cubley said...

He is your God Gift! I love you both and Amen all 37 things on your list... Happy BD Conn!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Conn! We all love you so much, and are blessed to have you in our lives.

Kit said...

Just a few notes and comments on your list
#7.I love that laugh!
#10. Is that why he is sitting on your knees or are you starting a ventriloquist act?
#20. Apart from #10
#24. Yew!!
#25. Yay!!
#26. How hard is it to remember "I'm late I'm late for a very important date"?
#36. Whew! I thought you typed dress!!
#37. I love the Conn!

Happy birthday Commish. Proud to call you friend.

Lorren Says... said...

Laughing that he loves rap music. That's awesome. What a great guy you have, Ashley! (And what a great lady he has!)

Jenny said...

Ashley, that was so sweet! You guys make a great couple & are amazing people! Thanks for everything & Happy 37th Birthday Conn!

Anonymous said...

Thanks love. What a great list. I love you. -Conn

Julie Marler said...

What a great list! And I can attest to the fact that ALL 37 things on this list are TRUE!! God gave us something very special when He brought you into our lives! Our whole family can be in a bad mood and you can lift the spirits of everyone with your wonderful sense of humor and jokes! Happy,Happy Birthday! We love you muches!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Conn!! Hope it is a great one!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the advice yesterday. Now I have another question for you! Is Maggie's middle name Mae, or is her first name Maggie Mae? We are thinking about putting the name Mae in for a first name, but we also already have a middle name that we really like so are trying to pair the Mae with a shorter name to be the first name. Does that even make sense? Just wondering!

Connie McWhorter said...

I am so blessed! Thanks for sharing! Love you, Connie