Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Special Guy

Last week was full of birthday celebration!

Tuesday, was Conn's birthday. I am pretty sure that we celebrated everyday last week.

Monday night...we went out to eat with my parents.

These are some fun pictures that we shot right before we went inside. I love how some of them turned out. Maybe that is the trick to getting good family photos. Just don't plan them. HA!!

The girls were so in love with their coke in a bottle!!

And, the silly faces begin...
This girl loves her some cobbler!!
Tuesday morning...Conn's actual birthday, Lily woke him up with pancakes, candles, and sweet singing of 'Happy Birthday'!

For lunch, Maggie, Cash and I, met him up at the church cafe for a little birthday lunch and of course a birthday cake WITH sprinkles. :)

That night, the kids and I took him bowling.

Blowing out candles...AGAIN! Yes, that is the same cake from earlier in the day! We're classy like that! HA!
The lights went out and Usher got loud! That's when the real party began!! :)
On Thursday, we celebrated with one last hoorah! We went to eat at Tommy Bahama with Conn's parents and his brother's family. YUM!!!

Girl cousins slurping up some spaghetti and mac-n-cheese

My boy, can down him some pasta and mashed potatoes
One of Conn's favorites is coconut creme pie. Nobody else likes it, so he only gets it once a year!
These were taken right before Camille fell into the fountain. Seriously, she did!! You should have seen the game of chase, though. It was amazing!! :)
We hope you had a wonderful birthday week, babe! You totally deserve it and so much more! We love you!!!


Tiffany said...

The pictures of when you went out to dinner with your parents are so cute...and the kids are even coordinated. You would never know you didn't plan it!

And I love the cake with sprinkles (and the classiness of blowing candles out on it more than once!). Bowling with the family looks like so much fun. I can't wait until Reagan is old enough :o)

Kathy Cubley said...

Coming from an expert...You may "recandle" any birthday cake as long as the remaining amount has enough icing to lick off of the fork AND COCONUT PIE ROCKS!!!I just love your pictures and your "darlings"!
I am soooooooooooooooo envious of your posting skills. I think each day that I simply become more and more inapt...Can you really get WORSE at something? I feel that this whole thing is metric and they should have taught me that in school if it was important. Now my brain is shrivelling by the moment... who am I talking to again? Hello, hello, are you there dear...

Jaclyn said...

ashley...your family is the prettiest family ever. Here are some of my thoughts...
- is that a chandelier in your bathroom? how pretty!! love it.
-your family picture is perfect...you are right, i don't know if you would get one that good if you were paying someone
-cash is such a big boy and beyond precious
-i LOVE the striped leggings your girls are wearing
-Lily looks SO pretty in the pic where she is sitting on the bed, smiling with her daddy
-you look gorgeous in the picture with your baby boy
- i miss you
-maybe you make me want to blog again :)

Lacey said...

Great pictures! What a fun week! Frank and Conn need to go out to eat together so they can get their coconut cream together. :) You have such a cute family!

Rachel Cobb said...

all of the photos are just precious! I was about to say, "I bet cash's feet were cold on that concrete" Then, I remembered it's probalby still warm there. Lucky ducks! We're enjoying the cold here. Looks like you guys had fun. I would LOVE a coconut creme pie for my birthday! Great idea!

Connie McWhorter said...

Can't believe it's been 37 years!!! Love you, Mom