Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An "I Do" and Sweet Friends

This past weekend, we loaded up the whole family, and headed to Shreveport, LA, where I was born, to attend the wedding of a sweet friend of our family.

My moms bestest friend, Kathy, had a son that was getting married. Between our two families, there are 7 kids total. Tim is the last of us to finally get married. :)

These momma's have been best friends for a long, long time.

Kathy and my mom

My mom and Kathy

Some of us kids (the two youngest weren't born yet). We have all been friends a long time, too! That's me with the piggie tails and bows. Can you say..."Hello, Lily!"

Here we are all together. This was taken 5 years ago. We are lined up in birth order. See that young boy on the end? That's Tim. He is the youngest of our crew and the final one to say, "I do!"

Now, for the wedding...

This picture makes me laugh. All the kids are looking different directions and Conn and I look like we are just happy to be alive and standing! HA!! But, it is the only one we got, so it will have to do.

Sweet cousins waiting for the fun, fun reception to start

Brandon and Sharla

This is the best of all 5 of them that I could get
Sweet loves

Gosh, I love him! HA!
Kathy, Brandon, Sharla, and Carson Beth
The only one of Tim and Britny that I got. How sad is that?!

Cash was so, so sick the whole weekend. But, you would never know it. He is my angel baby!!

Let the dancing begin...

Sweet Maggie Mae dancing it up with the ring bearer

The girls would not leave the beautiful bride, Britny, alone! They LOVED her!!
"Low, low, low"
Pappy and his Peanut
Kathy's precious granddaughter, Kendall, was a huge hit with the girls, too!! Conn and I pray daily, for our 2 girls, to grow up and be just like this sweet thing! Oh my goodness, please Lord!
Lily Belle and Carson Beth
Maggie Mae and Chloe Grace
See, I told ya! :)
Here is Kathy with her 3 daughters and 2 of her granddaughters
Thank you, sweet friends, for blessing us with such a wonderful weekend!!
We love you!


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, Miss Lily sure does look like her Momma! And Momma looks like her Momma. Goodness gracious you guys have some strong genes!!

Allison said...

what a sweet post. loved going to that wedding with you...via blog. love the brides is beautiful!!