Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Life, Real Music

On Tuesday night, my life long friend Callie, invited Conn and I (and my parents) to go with her and her husband (and her parents) to a little local music venue/coffee shop to hear the famous Bryan White. Who, you ask? Well, if you were any kind of country music fan in the 90's, then you probably have heard of this extremely cute heart throb. I'll let Callie's post on her blog explain our love for him. I could not have said it better myself. :)

Here we are over 10 years later, married, have many children between us, and we find out he is coming to The Woodlands of all places. Like right down the street, and the concert is free!!! We were soooooo excited, and the fluttering emotions were all starting to return. Husbands or not, Callie and I were going to meet him. Oh yes...what a night we had!!!

Me and Callie

THE Bryan White

Me and my REAL true love. We actually danced to a Bryan White song for our first dance at our wedding.

This is how close we were!

My dad went up to the balcony to take some pictures for me.

Me, THE Bryan White, and Callie
He asked all about us: if we had children, when my baby was due, if I was excited to finally have a boy (he has two), and was just down right nice. We introduced him to our husbands and told him that we don't really need to cry over his songs anymore b/c we were no longer wishing on "someone else's star" - a song he had wrote.

Oh...and if we couldn't love him enough, my mom sent me this article he wrote a couple of years ago about his testimony.

September 6th, 2005

I am sure that you have heard several different stories regarding my personal testimony and the current vision I have for my life and career. Since many of you have played a huge part in helping me achieve my dreams, I feel the desire to share with you the vision I now have from this platform that you’ve helped build.

In many ways, my childhood was blessed beyond imagination. I was raised in a “Christian” home, but I never grasped the true meaning of church and spiritual family. As a result, I had no impression of the divine power that Christ possesses. A lot of you may already know that immediately after I graduated high school, I moved from Oklahoma to Nashville to pursue a music career. Unlike most artists, success came very fast and in great measure. It was a lot for an insecure and irresponsible 18 year old to handle and was very overwhelming. As a result, my identity was formed by the music industry rather than through the Word of God.

My life hinged on the success of my career; number one records, awards, touring with Vince Gill, LeAnn Rimes and duets with Shania Twain and many others, etc. I really let my career and voice define who I was. But, just like Jesus said in Matthew 7:24-27, it all came crashing down. In the midst of success, because of my many prideful decisions, it all started to wane. Because I had no proper foundation, I let what people said effect me very deeply as well. I began to second-guess my work and talent. It became not fun anymore. I began to plummet into a deep depression and became a recluse. All confidence in my voice was lost. I was feeling forced to consider a way out. Many thoughts and options began to cross my mind.

Finally, in my depression and in my brokenness, I began to seek Jesus Christ. When I called on Him, He met me in such real and powerful way (Jeremiah 29:11-13). He freed me from depression and the power of sin and gave me new life (II Cor. 5:17). The scales were pulled from my eyes and I received total illumination of how much He loves me (us). Because He lives in me I now have a new heart and I'll never be the same!

God has since placed me into a church family, to teach and encourage me in the way of the Lord. Now, my vision is to see that very same power reach my peers, the music industry and the youth of the world.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my life if I could because without this awakening there’s no telling where I would be. I am so grateful to know the one and only true God of the universe! I hope this has been an encouragement to you. You have been such a part of my life that there’s no way I could not share this with you. Feel free to share this with others in hopes that they will know that God is alive and moving in our generation! I love you very much and want you to know that I am singing great again and I am ready to conquer the world, ha! Thank you so much for being there for me.

In Christ,


Callie said...

if we would have only known then that he loved Jesus our crushes would have eebn even more real! I LOVE that we have been friends long enough to remember things like this. I love you to pieces!

Sarah S said...

You mean to tell me you went and saw him sing "Becky Lynn"?? That would have been so fun! Love You!

Julie Marler said...

Bryan White was so fun! Lots of fun memories hearing his songs!

Lorren said... fun! I used to listen to Bryan White. Brings me back to when I first met Aaron.

Tiffany said...


ChrissyK said...

Hey Daniel was there that night...I was at home...bummer. Daniel said that he was really a great guy, very nice to talk to. :)

Tara Powell said...

I can't tell you how many times I "wished on someone else's star! " Glad ya'll had fun!

Sarah said...

I was so into Bryan White in the 90s! Thanks for sharing his testimony too. Maybe someday I can go to one of his concerts too...=)