Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Cousin Camille

We love you!!! Hope you have a great day!!!
We can't wait until Sunday!!! :)


Julie Marler said...

Happy Birthday Camille! We hear you are quite a soccer player! Hope you have a fun birthday party! Love, Mammy & Pappy Marler

wendy mcwhorter said...

Aunt Ashley,
I love Lily and Maggie and I can't wait till they come to my birthday party. My birthday party is on Sunday, just so you know. Camille is big! I love the little gym. When I sawed it on tv it sounded fun. And I love orange juice and coffee milk and a bagel with cream cheese on it.
from Camille

Jansen said...

Isn't she lovely, the future Mrs. Oliver Jansen.
My parents are here in Texarkana & may take Ollie home with them this weekend...if so he'll see y'all at the party :)