Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CapTex Tri

On Sunday, Conn and I left after he got home from church and drove to Austin. We also had the company of our friends, Justin and Anna. Hiring a babysitter for the night and heading to Austin was not only for a little getaway, it was also so Conn and Justin could compete in their 3rd triathlon. The CapTex Tri was taking place on Monday, Memorial Day.

Once we arrived, we grabbed their packets, checked them in, placed all their stickers on their gear (this is a VERY detailed process :) ), took their bikes to the transition area, checked into the hotel, and ate at a great little taco bar called Guero's. It has a very cool atmosphere and yummy food. We walked around for a while and listened to some live music that was playing next door. We then went to a place called Upper Deck to enjoy a beautiful night outdoors and some dessert before calling it a night. You know, because these boys had to be well rested for their big race! :)

Before we could call it a night we had to apply the boys race numbers to their arms. It is usually done with a sharpie, but for this particular race, there were tats involved. The boys were very excited! :) It ended up being quite a process and we laughed so much that I thought I would surely go into labor. Anna recorded the whole ordeal on her phone. Wish that I had it to post on here. Hilarious!

Conn and Justin left early the next morning to go and get checked in. Anna and I met up with them later on. The race was walking distance from the hotel, so that was very nice!

Once we arrived, we finally met up with the boys at the swim start. The starting times were running about 10 min behind, so we were all able to hangout and chill for quite a while. That was nice.

They are grouped by ages, so Conn and Justin hardly ever race at the same time.
And...they're off! Of course, you totally lose them after this. It's a sea of nothing but yellow caps!

Conn totally rocked the swim! This has become his best portion of the race. He has worked so hard on his techniques, strokes, and breathing. It has totally paid off!

There goes Justin!

This race was HUGE!!! A lot of racers means A LOT of fans! We completely lost the boys after the swim. It made me sad because I wasn't there to cheer Conn on during the bike and run portions. I never saw him again until AFTER he went through the finish line. Oh, well! Thankfully, Anna spotted Conn (we split up for a bit) and she snagged this picture of him on the run.

CapTex Tri complete! So proud of you!

It was such a fun weekend and a great little getaway for us! So thankful that I get to go and support Conn during all of these races. Not only is it fun for him, but I have grown to love being a triathlete's wife. :) They already have another planned for the end of August. Hopefully this baby boy holds on long enough for Conn to compete. :)


debra said...

you birth children and he runs marathons... i say equal. : )

Team Dale said...

So amazed at this! Way to GO CONN!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Your blog and your family are adorable!! Just wanted you to know I found your blog tonight (clicking around through other blogs) and I love it! :)

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

So proud of you Conn! And I agree with both run your own style of marathons!! Although I think you certainly won that race with Cash's birth!!!

Justin Keller said...

thanks for the memories and the fun. glad I have Conn to do these with and of course you to make the drives and events even better.

Connie McWhorter said...

I didn't know that you got to go with Conn, Ashley. How wonderful! I LOVE those bright yellow swim caps. All I know are the boring black ones. How cool!
Love you all, Mom