Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friends are Friends Forever

Last week, a group of us got together for a fun night of painting. It was such a great time and a lot of laughs were shared between all of us girls!! It was also a sad night because we were also gathering together to say goodbye to our precious friend, Heather. She is moving back to Tennessee this week. This is the first time since our little group has "formed" that someone has moved away. Moving is never an easy thing and Texas is going to miss her greatly!

When we first got there, we hung out for quite a while. I'm pretty sure that our instructor thought that we would never quit talking, laughing or eating. Ha!

Catching up on life

Heather, Jenn, Callie and Kristy

Me and Heather

Missy, Callie, Annalee, Me, Kelli
Annalee, Kelli, Amanda
The instructor finally gathered us all to start painting

Heather and Lindsee

Missy and her adorable helper, Evan

This is why we LOVE Heather! :)

Annalee and Kristy

I even got to snuggle sweet Evan! I told Missy that I needed my practice of doing things one handed with a newborn before Sept. gets here! :)

Kristy, Heather, and Annalee

Finishing up our masterpieces. :)

All of the artists

We all signed the back of Heather's. I think some of us even broke out singing, "Friends are Friends Forever." It was a sweet moment.

Heather with the two preggo's

If you didn't know from previous posts on this blog, Callie and I, have been friends since kindergarten. We are now both pregnant with our fourth babies! So, so fun...or just plain crazy! We haven't decided! Ha!

The whole gang

I love these girls and have been so incredibly blessed by each one of their friendships over the past 2 years. We love you, Heather, and can't wait to come visit you in gorgeous TN!


Ben and Emily said...

What a fun way to see your friend off!

I guess now you have another reason to visit TN! :)

Kirsten said...

That is definitely a fun way to see your friend off! I love the idea of a painting party. :)

Amy said...

That looks like a special way to celebrate a special friendship. And, your paintings looked really cool! I'm so curious about the event - is it a local shop that does this, or did you have an artist you know come and lead you? We're a ministry family too and I'm filing the idea away for the perfect event!

Connie McWhorter said...

What a precious group of sweet girlfriends. Gee, Amanda looks like her mom! Love you!

Bonnie said...

Not sure if I told you this before, but I went to college with Annalee! Crazy!