Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Masterpiece

Yesterday, Conn and I were able to experience a 4D ultrasound for this 4th little love. We have never done this with any of our other children, but with this being the last baby, we thought that we would give it a try. To say that it was absolutely amazing, would be an understatement! The u/s probably lasted 45 min. During that time, we were able to experience him squirming, jumping, kicking, gulping, opening and closing his eyes, making a fist with his hands, moving his thumb to and from his mouth, hiding his face with his hands (this is his favorite position) and so many other incredible things that I can't even begin to describe! Right now, we both think that he is favoring Maggie, but with his momma's lips. :) They took all of his measurements, and his legs are measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I am 27 weeks. He is measuring 29 weeks. The u/s tech looked at Conn and asked if there were tall people in our family? Of course, we all laughed! We then told her that all of our children are off the charts in height for their ages. She couldn't believe it! HA! The whole experience was so fantastic, and I am so glad that we decided to do it! We are SO in love with this little man!

Before you had a name or opened up your eyes
Or anyone could recognize your face.
You were being formed so delicate in size
Secluded in God's safe and hidden place.

With your little tiny hands and little tiny feet
And little eyes that shimmer like a pearl
He breathed in you a song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world.

You are a masterpiece
A new creation He has formed
And you're as soft and fresh as a snowy winter morn.
And I'm so glad that God has given you to me
Little Lamb of God, you are a masterpiece.
Sandy Patty


Ben and Emily said...

He's perfect! So neat how they can see such detail.

Beautiful song.

Our Life Together said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. What a blessing!!!!

Lacey said...

That is awesome. I can't wait to see how close he looks to those pictures!! Few more months and he will be here!! Can't wait to meet him!

Missy said...

Those pictures are amazing!!! So so neat!

Amy said...

So amazing...what a little miracle! So excited for you guys.

Tanni said...

Just precious! Thanks for sharing.:)

stacy said...

Unbelievable pictures!! I'm definitely thinking this little one looks like Conn. Lexie's legs measured two weeks ahead of schedule and guess when my water broke. Yep, it broke on her leg's due date, so be ready.

Janet said...

So precious! I can't wait to meet that little man. He is so loved already!

Connie McWhorter said...

I am so glad to see all of the pictures of our newest little love. My favorite one is where he looks like he is praying. I know that we certainly are praying for him.
We love you all so much, Nanny

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Can't wait to meet our last grandbaby (tear!). Love him so much already!

Misty Straley said...


Kristin said...

Love the pictures! They are the most clear I've ever seen. He's precious!

annalee said...

AHHHH, love that precious face!!!