Saturday, October 11, 2008

Like Mother...Like Daughter

Every time I sit down to use my laptop, I sit in the exact same chair, and put a pillow under it because it gets so dang hot. Have y'all ever noticed that...laptop users? Anyway, Conn walked into the living room the other day, and found Lily doing this (he ran to get the camera, like a good little daddy) ...

Yes, she looks IDENTICAL to me! See my computer sitting on the table? Funny, huh?! Oh, and that is her very own Barbie Laptop that she got to pick out after her 4 year checkup (4 shots and a finger prick - OH MY GOODNESS)!
Love this Lily Belle!


Julie Marler said...

She is so much like her momma! But she has a whole heck of a lot of her daddy too!!
Love that Lily Belle!

Amanda said...

that is the sweetest thing ever!!!

Jaclyn said...

this is SO precious!!! More proof that they are watching EVERYTHING we do!! :)

Lindsay said...

That is cute! Hey, you need to check out this:
My Mom got me this for Christmas last year and it is awesome! My laptop would get so hot it would leave awful red marks on my legs. This thing prevents that and it's also better for the computer because it lets the air circulate underneath.

Sorry we didn't make the garage sale yesterday. I actually wasn't feeling well and we didn't leave the house excpet to go to a clinic. :(

Rhonda said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now and I love reading about your sweet little family!!
Just thought I'd warn you that my friend's computer "blew up" from putting pillows under it while working!! I know...CRAZY!!!
So, I'm going to check out your friend's website on what kind of contraption I need to use instead of a pillow.
Just thought I'd warn you because then we wouldn't be able to hear about your cute kids!!
:) Have a good week!!

Kristyn said...

That is just so cute! I think it's just so crazy that they pick things up so much!!! Little sponges! :)

Toni said...

Oh my gosh, Kate needs her own laptop too! She attacks me when I sit with mine and pushes anything she can get her little paws on! Yes...why do laptops get so hot???