Monday, October 27, 2008

Light the Night Walk

Last night, we participated in the Light the Night Walk at Market Street in The Woodlands, to raise money for blood cancer research. We walked in honor of our very sweet friend, James Ryan. At the end of the 2 mile walk, we let the girls release the balloons in the sky. As Lily's was flying away, she said that she was sending it to Jesus so He would remember to protect sweet baby James.

Lily and James

Team Ryan group

The Woodlands mascot - Puffy the Pinecone

The red balloons were for the supporters


Tara Powell said...

what a great opportunity. Glad the weather was awesome for the event!

Lacey said...

Love that stroller. ;0) What a great event! Glad you guys were able to do it and support sweet James.

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

thank you so much for coming-it meant alot!!!