Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pappy!!!

Happy Birthday, Pappy!
You are the greatest Pappy in all of the world!
We love you so much!

Tonight, we celebrated my dad's and Conn's b-day at the park.
Fun, family times!

Pappy LOVES Amy Grant.
Us kiddos gave him tickets for her concert in Nov.


Julie Marler said...

Happy Birthday Pappy! Good thing Ashley didn't show the photo of you KISSING Amy Grant's picture! Good thing Amy doesn't know you love her so much - or she would surely leave 'ole Vinnie for you!!
I love you Pappy! Mammy

Sarah S said...

Happy Birthday Poppa Marler!!

Miss You Guys & Love Ya!


Janet said...

Happy Birthday, Robin! You are a blessing to all of us. Hope your birthday was the best ever!

We love you,
Keith, Janet, Lindsay, and Molly

Amanda said...

what a cool cake! and I love that first picture! it looks like a fishing magazine pic or something!

Jaclyn said...

Ashley...are you going to Amy Grant too?! I will be there with my parents and sister...we should meet up to say a quick hi!!!

Aaron said...

great pictures!