Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lily 'Dancerella'

Lily started a summer ballet/tap class on Friday. She loved it! All the other moms kept commenting on how excited she looked and how she couldn't quit smiling. My only response was, "That's our Lily." :)

**Some of the pics are a little blurry b/c I was taking them through a window.


Each girl had the chance to "perform" in front of the others while waving scarves

Of course you always end with a curtsy. :)

Hugs from Miss Ellen


Julie Marler said...

What a precious "Lily Dancerella"!!! Looks like she had so much fun! Such a natural!
Love you Lily!

Kelly Marler said...

So cute!! What a fun stage to be in, watching them step into their first activities, and her expression is priceless!! She does look like a natural, just flowing!!

amanda said...

hi ashley!
thanks so much for the comment! i think whole wheat is the current favorite...although, it seems to change daily!! so glad to hear you love it, though! your girls are just precious...i'm going to have to start checking in more regularly! hope you're feeling well with that growing baby bump!!

Amy said...

Yes, you can tell she is having a blast. I think she has fun at everything she does. We love your girls!

Lacey said...

Was that through the rec center?? Miss Ellen was Ellie's Princess Camp teacher last week. :0)
Anyway, little ballerina looks like she is enjoying herself. She is always so darn happy- I think her and G are a lot alike. :0)

Lorren said...

She looks like she's having so much fun!

Callie said...

love love love this! oh she is just so precious! we MUST get together soon!

Amanda said...

What a precious family! I am so glad you commented!! I love reading new blogs! And your girls are so beautiful! So fun!

That shirt is from Target and right now they are on sale! I love Target :) AND, if you're interested in any more "rock and roll" baby gear, Baby's R Us has a whole little section! It is TOO cute!

Yay for new blogging friends!

Janet said...

She's a natural! She looks way too cute in her leotard - and she looks like she loved every minute of it.

Love you,

Sarah Stotts said...

She is adorable! I love reading all about y'all, you always have me laughing! Love You & Miss You!