Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bring On Summer

We LOVE summer in the McWhorter home. When Conn was a youth pastor, we would go to all the camps with him and call those our "vacations". But now, we make our own fun and have tons of things planned for the summer. We love to stay busy (sorry, Mom) and we love to travel!!! Even though we have two kids and one on the way, that has yet to slow us down. The girls are so flexible (we and church ministry hours have made them that way), and do so good anywhere we end up.'s what we got planned for the upcoming months...

-BOTH girls are in "summer school" 2 days a week - yea for mommy :)
-Lily is taking dance (ballet & tap) on Friday's
-Couples bible study at church
-Dave Barnes concert
-Soaking up the sun at The Woodlands pools
-Gulf Shores vacation w/ Conn's family
-Finding out what this precious little baby bump is going to be
-Getting things ready for this new little baby bump
-Lily's 4th birthday
-Our first "family of four" vacation to SeaWorld
-Garner State Park vacation w/ my family
-Galveston vacation with friends
-Getting to see our bestest buds from Dallas :)
-Lots and lots of play-dates
-Mommy and daddy's one last get-away vacation before the baby arrives

Hope you all enjoy your summer, however it may be spent!!!! :)


The Herd said...

I hope your summer vacations and time is the best!

Rusty and Jennifer said...

When are you going to Gulf Shores? We are going with Rusty's family July 12th-19th. It would be crazy if it takes us being in another state to finally get together!

Kathryn said...

Yay for summer! We are planning on coming down that week of Lily's party.

Julie Marler said...

Girl - you just wear me out! But it does sound like a fun summer!

Marlers said...

Wow! Get it all in before December!! Next summer will be even busier!! Praying (oops, I mean 'not' praying) for this baby to have a very laid-back nature!! Maybe just keep your fingers crossed instead! :) Ready to enjoy the summer with yall!!

Lacey said...

Sounds like you have a fun summer planned!!! YEAH!! I just LOVE summer!!