Monday, June 9, 2008

End of School Swim party

We got together with Conn's family, and had an end of the year swim party. We had such a fun time swimming, eating pizza and cupcakes, talking/laughing, and of course cheering on sweet cousin Camille as she went off of the diving board for the FIRST time and swam all the way to the side by herself. She is only 3!!! Way to go Camille!!

We can't wait for Gulf Shores in two weeks!!!! YEA!!!!!!! :)


Julie Marler said...

Way to go Camille!! Swimming at 3yrs old is a very huge accomplishment!! Way to go Daddy for being such a great teacher! You girls sure do look cute in your matching swimsuits!
Love, Mammy

Jansen said...

omigosh camille is swimming...that is awesome.
you know camille is going to be my future daughter in law...we kinda have an arranged marriage worked out with kap & wendy ;)