Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Weekend

Hope your weekend is FULL of laughs!!!! :)


Tara Powell said...

too funny!

Julie Marler said...

Maggie Mae-Mae - you are just too funny! You make Mammy laugh! I love you so much!!
Love you!

cheryl said...

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for leaving a comment. I too have seen your blog via Liz. I clicked on it mainly because I recognized your last name... I know Wendy through a friend out here in Kingwood and remembered that Kap has a brother. Anyways, I love reading about moms with girls - very fun! And congrats on #3!! I'll be back to see what y'all will be having - very exciting!

Thanks again and "nice to meet you,"

Janet said...

Love it! Our Maggie Mae is so sweet and funny!

Love you all,

Lacey said...

Gosh, she looks like her sister in that picture! I looked at her and had to think for a minute if that was Lily or Mags. What a little jokester!

Amy said...

So cute, she is so funny.

stephanie said...

gee, i couldn't get one of mine to take ONE paci!

so funny! what a doll!

Carly O'Quinn said...

Oh, Maggie Mae! Too cute

The Herd said...

That is the best picture EVER!!!