Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Tea

Lily had a little Mother's Day Tea at her school today. They sang a few songs and then served us cookies and tea. It was very sweet time. Lily goes to school with her sweet friend, Madilyn. It was so cute to see them serving us together.


Janet said...

Too cute for words! I know you all had fun.

Love you,

parsonsfamily said...

such beautiful mother and daughter pictures!!!

Julie Marler said...

It just doesn't get any cuter! She looks just like you did (at that age) in those pictures!
Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mom!!

Rusty and Jennifer said...

I hope Conn knows how lucky he is to have 3 such beautiful girls in his life!
Happy Mother's Day!

Lacey Morgan said...

How sweet. She is just beautiful!! What great pictures and great memories.