Friday, May 30, 2008

Longest Post in History

Things have been crazy around here this past week. I feel like we have been going non-stop. But, what else is new? This IS our life!! :)

**We celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 20th. Conn planned the whole night for us. He surprised me with a nice dinner at a "hip" restaurant called Zula in downtown Houston. The food was really good and the atmosphere was pretty cool. I think it turns into a lounge at night. After dinner, we went to The Alley Theatre to see a musical/comedy called An American in Paris. It was so good and really funny. The singing and dancing were both amazing! We then topped off the night with a Frosty from Wendy's. :o) Thanks babe, for a wonderful night.

**Conn performed another wedding this past weekend. It was a brother of one of our good friends. Lily's buddy, Madi, was going to be there, so we decided to take Lily. This was her FIRST wedding! Well, that she remembers. She was only 6 days old at her first one. :) She was sooooo excited. She got all dressed up and couldn't wait to see the "princess" and then go to the "ball" afterwards. She did perfect during the wedding! I was so relieved (and so was daddy)!

Here is a pic of her first wedding (6 days old). :)

Lily and daddy (2nd wedding)

Madi and Lily

me and Amy

Lily and Pops

**For Memorial weekend, we drove up to our family farm after church on Sunday. We spent the night and had a wonderful relaxing time. Mammy and Pappy were able to come along, and Dustin, Kelly and Cole (& a buddy) were able to join in on the fun for Memorial Day. Oh, and Lily got her first haircut. I know she is almost 4, but I just could never bring myself to do it (nor, would her daddy let her). Mammy "trimmed" it on the back porch at the farm. Yes, we are official country bumpkins. :)
Maggie fell asleep on our big adventure ride. :)

Lily's first haircut


Ridin' in the gator

Cleaning out deer feeders and throwing deer corn

That's our Maggie!!

Taking a ride on the paddle boat

**Lily started swim lessons last week. She did really well (for a first lesson). We'll see how the rest of them go.

**We took the girls to Market Street to play in the fountains and get ice cream. This was a first for them (the fountains, that is). They really loved it, but we all agreed that the ones at church are soooo much better. :)

A rainbow appeared


The girls jumped in the fountains right as we were leaving. Is that allowed? :)

** Lily's last day of pre-school was on Thursday. They had a fun water day planned! She had to say goodbye to everyone, b/c she will be going to a new school next year. It will be so nice to be closer to her new school, but we sure will miss Madi and all of her sweet friends that she has been with for so long. Here are some pics from her first and last day of school.

First Day

Last day

**And finally, last night we went with my brother and Sharla to Mainstreet Coffee Shop in Tomball to hear our good friend Robbie Seay play. We had a great time! It is always fun to hear Robbie play, b/c we have known him for so long. I remember when he would hang out at our house in high school and then I roomed with his wife (then girlfriend) Liz, my freshmen year of college. Robbie would come in from Baylor sometime in the middle of the night, and I would wake up in the morning to find him sleeping on our couch. Good times!!! :)

Where I grew up!

12 Week Baby Bump!!


Rachel said...

It looks like ya'll had a fun, busy weekend! And what a cute baby bump! Keep the photos coming!

Loy said...

I thought that I'd post since I have been checking out your blog from Lindsay's. You guys were busy! I was tired just reading what ya'll did.
We are country Bumpkins too. My parents' place is surrounded by the Sam Houston Nat'l Forest. That's where we were for Memorial day weekend.

Kathryn said...

What a busy weekend! Love all the great pics. :)

Lacey said...

What a busy week!! Your "bump" is so cute!! I love the picture of Maddie and Lily drinking the drink together at the cute!! Hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend!!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

you did have a busy weekend--I remember Lily's first wedding because it was mine!!!!loved all the pics.

Marlers said...

Well, I will definitely have to say that I enjoy your 'picture blog' and it was most definitely the LONGEST post in history! Glad that you got your pics to work! Too cute and I love the baby bump pic! :)

Julie Marler said...

So glad you got your computer working so you don't have to do a "week" worth of bloggin' at once! That'll just wear a girl out! Had a ball at the farm! Can't wait to do it again! Can't wait to see that "baby bump" in person and give he/she lots of kisses and love!
Love, Mammy

Star Molegraaf said...

that lil bump makes me wish i had one. sorda. we are country folk too, loved the picture of the haircut on the front porch!!

Anonymous said...

love your cute panties going to enjoy getting them off you I love getting toddlers naked