Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marler Birthday Festivities

This past weekend, we not only celebrated Mother's Day, but also two family birthday's. Mammy's (my mom) and my brother, Dustin. Their birthday's are only a day apart. We had a fish fry here at the good ole' McWhorter party house. My dad fly-fishes a lot, and had been stocking up for this event. It was fantastic! Always fun times when the whole fam is able to get together!

Maggie enjoying some watermelon

Maggie getting some lovin' from cousin Chloe

Sharla and her famous coleslaw salad

Pappy and Cole frying up some fish

Mammy showing off her homemade strawberry pie

Sweet Lily Belle

Brandon and Campbell

Sweet Maggie Mae

Lily and Daddy

Another of Maggie

Getting their grub on

Mammy and Kelly

Maggie doing what she does best. :)

Birthday boy!

Mammy with an arm-full of loves

Me and my girlies

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!!!


Amy said...

Looks like you had a blast. We should do a fry this summer for small group. Think your dad would be interested?

stephanie said...

you have been a busy little "post-er" ! i have been behind on the blog world lately, so i caught up this afternoon on yours.. lots of fun times!

Lacey Morgan said...

You are a busy little poster- see we all knew you'd have things to tell us. :0) Looks like you guys had a great time!! I want some strawberry pie!! :0)

lindsay sherman said...

These pictures are so sweet! What a great family y'all are...

Also, Mammy's strawberry pie looks DELICIOUS.

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