Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crazy, Busy Weekend

Like the title says, we had one crazy, busy weekend!!! On Friday, Conn played in the church golf tournament all day and had a wedding rehearsal. Right as he walked in the door, we loaded up the girls and headed to the very fun drive-in movie theater in Tomball with 6 other families. We had a BLAST!!!! Even though we didn't make it through even the first movie (there are double features - way to go O'Quinn's, who made it through both). We ate good ole' movie food and the kids ran around and played until the movie started. A freak-of-nature cold front came in that night, for the month of May (below 60), so that is why we are bundled up. If you haven't made it out there yet, you should. It is a fun experience! Just be prepared for a late night. We will definitely be back!!

On Saturday, Conn had an event at church all morning and preformed a wedding in the afternoon. I took the girls to TWO birthday parties. A gymnastics party and a sand party. If you have young children, you understand that this is always a fun experience as a "single" parent. HaHa!! They did great (despite no naps) and we had a wonderful time! We then made it just in time for Sat. night church. Woohoo for childcare! :o)

Now, here I sit, and it is already Sunday! WOW!!! Today, the girls and I hung out and waited until daddy got home from church. We loaded up...AGAIN, and drove out to Kingwood to spend time at Conn's brothers house and have a cookout with the whole family. We had a great time and laughed like crazy, as we always do, when Conn and Kap are together. The kids kept us highly entertained "attempting" to use the slip-n-slide!!! So funny!! :o)

We LOVE our crazy, busy life!!! Hope you all had a glorious weekend!!! Bring on SUMMER!!! Enjoy the pics!!!!

Tomball Drive-In
Stacy , Carly, & Sullivan chatting it up

Conn, Lily, Rory, & "big" Maggie

Stacy - You just make me smile! :)

"big" Maggie, "little" Maggie, & Lexie

Speed Racer

Madi's Gymnastics Party
Lily and the birthday girl

Sweet friends

The Jett Family

Cousin Campbell

Carly and Sullivan just chilling

Huntley and Kim

Evelyn's Sand Party

McWhorter Family Fun
PawPaw and Maggie

Lily and her apron heading to the playhouse

Cousin Camille and Lily in the playhouse

Watching the action on the slip-n-slide

Kap and Wendy

LOVE this!!!


Grilling burgers

PawPaw and sons

Waiting on the goods

Slip-N-Slide time

LOVE this!!!

She actually did it...correctly! :)


Rachel said...

And people wonder what we "stay at home mom's" do all day!? Looks like you had a great time. And, you had the time to take photos, too! You should take a nap!

Lacey Morgan said...

It was fun spending the weekend with you guys. I am glad you all decided to join us for the movie- even if we didn't stay the whole time. :0)

Julie Marler said...

Whew! You make me tired! And to think you did all this and are pregnant. You even had to squeeze in some time to thrup (Beth Moore's term meaning to throw up!) Precious pics though!

Star Molegraaf said...

loved the pictures even though they are making me homesick. there is nothing like hanging out with family!!

lotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.