Sunday, April 6, 2008

Montgomery County Fair

Friday night, we took the girls to the Montgomery County Fair. We had been invited by our friends, Grady and Kim. They were a part of a team that participated in the cook-off at the fair. The weather decided to drop about 30 degrees before we left. That afternoon, it had been in the 80's, and when we got ready to go, it was raining and in the low 50's. So, that is why we are all bundled up in hats and jackets. Crazy Texas!!! Before we went to the cook-off, we walked around and checked out the carnival. Conn and the girls rode the huge ferris wheel (mommy stayed down low and took pictures). :) There was a petting zoo, the worlds largest pig - 1100 lbs. (gross!) , motorcycle tricksters, and everything else you would expect to see at a good ole' carnival!!!! :) After all of that grand excitement, we went back to the booth, and ate some wonderful food! Yum!!!!

Thanks again for the invite, Grady and Kim! We had a great time.

Jett family (Grady, Kim & baby Huntley)

Ferris Wheel

Petting Zoo


Julie Marler said...

Loved the pic of Grady, Kim and Baby Huntley!! Some of our favorite people!!! And Baby Huntley won't be a baby much longer since he is about to have his 1st Birthday!!!! We love you Jett family!!!

stephanie said...

awwwhh, what good kuntry fun!

Carly O'Quinn said...

Hey! We went Saturday morning. It was freezing that morning but quickly warmed up in time for lemonade and cotton candy! Maggie hasn't stopped talking about "THE GLOBE OF DEATH" and the motorcycle riders :o)

The Herd said...

I saw your name on James Ryan's blog and was curious to see if you were related to the McWhorter's I know. I think you are Conn's wife?
I am David Cox's sister and have had the privilege of knowing your in laws. Glad to have found you even though I have never formally met you:).
Karen (Cox) Bull

Toni Amend said...

So cute! Huntley is so big!