Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Maggie Mae

Happy 2nd Birthday Maggie Mae!! We can't believe you're already 2 years old! It really doesn't seem like it has been 2 years since you were born. Time sure has flown by. We love you so much! You have already taught us so much about ourselves and life in general. We thank God for you everyday- - seriously. When you give us that little "smirk" that you have, we just melt. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We pray that you will come to know the Lord and follow after Him. We pray that we are raising you in a way that will cause you to have a healthy image of yourself. We pray that you will also be tender-hearted towards people and love them as Christ does. Those are the values that we care about, and we are doing our best to help you live out those things. We can't wait to see what kind of young woman you turn out to be. We know that this year is going to be a great one. Think about it... you get to be a big sister now. How fun is that going to be?!

Love you crazy, Maggie!

Daddy & Mommy

You at TWO:
-you LOVE your paci and blanket
-you have crazy morning bed head and a funny "mullet"
-you copy everything that Lily does
-you want to do everything yourself
-you FINALLY love to sleep and you sleep in most days until around 9:30a.m.
-you have many nicknames: Mae-Mae, Roo, Peanut, Tinkerbell, Maggs, Magarooskie, Rooskie, Boobear, Maggers
-you love shoes and wear them all day
-you love to eat
-you are very stubborn
-you love your grandparents and cousins
-you love to play outside and swing
-you love your babies
-you know all of the words to the Alphabet Song, Twinkle-Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Happy Birthday and so many more
-you do a great impersonation of babies crying and someone laughing
-you love T.V., videos, books, and music
-you love Aunt Janet and Dudley
-you can count to 12
-you love gum
-you love diet coke
-you love having bows in your hair
-you love Dora
-you love to talk on the phone
-you still have those incredible baby blues
-you love trying to tee-tee on the potty
-you like to look at puppies, but not pet them
-you say, "Please", "Thank You", and "Bless You" at all of the right times
-you give the best kisses and squeezers

Being woken up to "Happy Birthday" and birthday cake
"I'm 2!!!"

Traditional Birthday DonutsHappy 2nd birthday, Maggie! We love you!
Can't wait until your Dora Fiesta next week!!!!


Janet said...

Aunt Janet, Dudley, and the rest of the Shermans love our Maggie Mae! We can't believe our sweet girl is two already. It looks like she had a great day full of fun.

Love you,

Julie Marler said...

Our Sweet Maggie Mae-Mae,
Oh how we love you! You keep us laughing at all of your funny antics!! You can make the funniest faces too! You can go from screaming mad to gleefully happy in 1.2sec!! We love to hold you cause you snuggle up like a koala bear! Happy Birthday Peanut!

Love, Mammy and Pappy

stephanie said...

Hope your Birhtday was happy, Maggie Mae Connsuela! You are so beautiful and pretty smart too singing all those songs and counting to 12!! Looks like your day was special indeed! Great job Mommy and Daddy making it so!

Lorren said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae!

Lacey Morgan said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Maggie Mae!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you next weekend!

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Maggie Mae!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Maggers (i like that nickname)! You're precious!

Love You --- Sarah

Toni said...

Little girls are so fun! I just love seeing these little bits of your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

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