Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dead Peoples Stuff

"The Antique Show in Round Top Texas is so much more than 8 days in the Spring and Fall. The show brings dealers and buyers from all over to the rolling hills of Fayette County to share in the fun of antiquing."

My mom and I went this past Friday to Round Top (Warrenton), and came home with some good finds: a desk for our office, an iron gate and an old door to hang in my entry way niches', some old windows to make picture frames out of, and two adorable shirts. Then...on Sunday, my mom and I went back with the girls and my dad. If you have never been, you should
definitely check it out. It is a site to be seen. Hundreds of acres of tents for as far as the eye can see!!! There is new stuff, old stuff, dead peoples stuff (there really is a section called that), and just some good ole' pure junk. It is a glorious time! If you don't like antiquing, you should just go for the drive up there in itself! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!!

The vendor tents

Lily and Pappy

Maggie's new invention

Rows, and, rows, and rows...

What happens after a long day, and one to many snow cones!



Kathryn said...

What fun! All these years down there and I never went to Round Top....must make a trip someday.

Yes, yes, I need to call you!!! We will chat soon! Love you!

Julie Marler said...

can't see all your pics - just some!!

But it was fun wasn't it!

Lacey Morgan said...

You guys are alway doing fun stuff. I have never been to roundtop but I want to go. Maybe someday....
Glad you guys had a good time. I want to come over and see what you got!