Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today I babysat 3 little boys for a couple of hours. Oh my goodness, is all I have to say! :) J/K! They were all so precious! Anyway, the littlest one is 2 months old. Lily was helping me change his diaper, and I was waiting for her response as to "the part" she has never seen before. This is the conversation that followed:

Lily- "Why is his belly button so far down?"
Me- "It's not. It is on his tummy right where it is supposed to be."
Lily- "Well, why does he have two belly buttons?"
Me- "Lily, he doesn't. God just gave him one. Just like you and me."
Lily-" Well, what is that THING?"
Me(trying not to laugh)- "That is his tee-tee. It is a boy tee-tee."
Lily-"Oh. That's funny. I'm glad I don't have one of THOSE."
Me-"Well, what if mommy has a boy baby?"
Lily-"Maybe he'll have two belly buttons."

Off she runs with a giggle! That's my girl! :)


Julie Marler said...

I just LOVE her innocence!! How precious is that! Heard "it" called lots of things - but never a belly button!!! Too funny!

The Herd said...

That's hilarious! Love those kid thoughts!

sandy said...

That made me smile! So sweet and cute!!!!!! I hope you do have a boy because I never had one, and now that I have Brennan, I feel like I missed out. Thankfully, Amy gave me what I was lacking!
Have fun...you are a brave girl to take on 3 extras!

Hannah said...

How cute! Out of the mouth of babes! Love your blog!

Callie said...

how precious!! I am so hoping that you have a boy!! Did you get my voicemail yesterday?

Star Molegraaf said...


Rachel said...

that needs to be published in a magazine. Send it to parents magazine, see if they'll pay you for it! PRICELESS!

Kara Gordon said...

Oh, the things kids say!

Lacey Morgan said...

Too cute. Don't you just love those "gender" questions?? Ellie is really facinated with why girls have t.t.'s and boys have wienies. LOL. She'll see a boy and say, "he has a wienie, right?"

Tara Powell said...

that is too funny. I am glad you wrote that down so you can embarrass her with that when she's older!

stephanie said...

cute story! hard for me to imagine. i guess if i ever had a girl....she may feel like she's missing something around here!

Anonymous said...

I love Lily's comment! Too funny!!! All we know about around her is pienie-wienies!! (no girls yet) But, my sister is expecting a baby girl, and her son says that his new baby sister will have a 'Bogina'. (as in vagina, but Bo-gina!)

How about that?? Funny.
~Tiffiny Hayes