Saturday, April 26, 2008

The I's of Me

I have seen this on so many other blogs, and thought I would give it a try. :o)

i am
: pregnant.
i think
: constantly.
i know
: I am loved.
i want
: a new car with a built-in DVD player.
i have
: no stretch marks.
i wish
: I had a perfect body.
i hate
: math.
i miss
: the life Conn and I had together before children.
i fear
: not much of anything.
i feel
: nervous about having another child.
i hear
: music and the "ocean" coming from my children's monitors.
i smell
: Burt Bee's Belly Butter.
i crave
: a diet coke from Sonic everyday.
i search
: for my passion.
i wonder
: who my children will become as they get older.
i regret
: most things I eat.
i love
: to travel and stay in hotels.
i ache
: for new mommies.
i care
: what people think of me.
i always
: check on my children every night before I go to bed and rearrange their little bodies.
i am not
: a germ freak.
i believe
: in my husband.
i dance
: with my family at Garner every summer.
i sing
: Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson very loudly in the car.
i don’t always
: do my quiet times.
i fight
: going to sleep.
i write
: only on this blog.
i win
: the silent treatment with my husband.
i lose
: at Pokeeno.
i never
: let my children sleep in our bed.
i confuse
: a real word in the wrong context.
i listen
: to my children sing and laugh with their daddy.
i can usually be found
: driving in my Expedition.
i am scared
: of my children going to public schools.
i need
: my other home to sell.
i am happy about
: all of our vacations this summer.


Julie Marler said...

I love reading about who you are becoming! Even though I see you most every day or at least talk to you several times a day - sometimes I read things like this and see little surprises over who you are. Though not many, most I know! I love you and I love the woman, mom, wife, child of God that you have become! I am so very proud of you! I love you!

Lacey Morgan said...

There is nothing to be nervous about with's not as hard as I thought it would be. Your going to do GREAT!! The hardest part for me is dividing time...and my two older kids bickering all the time.(but they'd be driving me crazy even if I didn't have Hadley!)

whitney said...

You play pokeno...i love that game, girl time!!! Let me know if you guys ever need another player.

Toni said...

Love reading the random info about you! Those are always fun to do!
Hopefully you won't lose at Pokeeno this week, I'll preplay the cards and get us some good ones! I'm on a losing streak too!

The Herd said...

Loved reading your I's...I was inspired and did my own on my blog:)
Karen(Cox) Bull

Anonymous said...

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