Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Wrap-Up

Thursday, the kids and I met some friends at 7 Acre Wood in Conroe. If you have never been there, and you have children that love running free outside, then you should totally check this place out. It was our first time to go and my children loved every minute of it. We will definitely be going back with all of these beautiful days we are having. You can check out their website here.

They had a petting zoo, but this is as close as Cash would get to the animals. He loves animals and knows all of their sounds, but will not go anywhere near them without freaking out.

Then, there is this girl, who couldn't get enough of all the animals!

The girls favorite part was by far the zip line!!! They stayed there for most of the day. The best part was that they could climb up the tower and totally do it all by themselves! ***Nanny and PawPaw...we NEED one of these at the farm!!! So much fun!!! :)

Here is some video of the girls zip lining

We also "played" a little putt putt golf. :)

What a fun, fun day!
Thanks, friends, for playing with us! :)

That night, Conn and I, went out for a little last minute date night. Dinner and a movie! Always glorious!!!


Friday, we took just the girls to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We left the baby brother behind, but I am pretty sure he had a complete ball with his Mammy and cousin Chloe! We missed him and I know that he would have loved it, but it was also SO nice not to worry about a stroller, finding a clean place to change a diaper, and dealing with the 2 yr old fits that he seems to throw every now and then. Ha!

We went with our friends the Darby's. It was such a great day! The girls did awesome and loved every minute of it. They never complained and were really into participating in every activity. They both rode the HUGE roller coasters with their daddy while this pregnant momma got to sit and watch. I was so proud of them! If you live anywhere near Houston, and you have never taken your kids to the rodeo, you totally need too. They have so many awesome things geared towards children. Oh, and it is fantastic people watching for the parents! That's for sure! Ha! :)

Giddy Up, Cowgirls!

The Butterfly Garden

There were these giant "hamster" type balls that the kids could get in and they rolled over a pool of water. We have still yet to figure out how the kids can breathe inside of them, but they all somehow survived. :) My friend and I both joked that we need these for our younger boys that were back home!

Finn and Lily

My sweet hamster in action...

They had a great area called, Fun on the Farm. The kids were given baskets at the very beginning and they would then walk around to collect their fruit and vegetables, plant their seeds, milk their cow, etc. At the very end, they would "sell" their fruit and receive "money" in return. They were then able to buy a snack from the snack shack. It was so awesome and very well organized! It got an A+ from this mom and dad!!

Pony Rides

HUGE Slides...

We went inside for a while to cool off...

The girls and their daddy ended the day off with a bang by each riding the HUGE roller coasters. He was SO proud!!! :)


Saturday, we had some guys come and clean up our back yard and get it ready for Spring/Summer. It was SO, SO bad!! I don't have any before pictures, but this is how many trash bags there were when they were all done. And, we have a TINY backyard!



Sunday, this is what I did ALL day, and I am still not caught up!
The kids took a break from school, and I took a break from laundry. I didn't do one load all week long. I am paying for it now!

Well, that wraps up our Spring Break! Not a bad week for not have anything planned!

Hope you all had fun as well! :)


Ben and Emily said...

What a fun break! The hamster ball thing looks like a blast!

Your backyard looks great!

AMY said...

Wow fun and busy spring break!
You have a gorgeous family!
I'm a new follower.
Amy's Life @

Anonymous said...

Yay for the wrap up post! : )

Connie McWhorter said...

What a fun day at the 7 Acre Wood. I definitely think that our farm needs a zip line. I think my two boys should get started on it immediately! I also loved to see all of the fun activities at the rodeo. I know that was a GREAT day!
Love you all, Nanny

Lindsee said...

You have some gorgeous girls. What a tall drink of water!

Also, I'm so gald you got footage of the hampster thing. I was SO curious about that, but never saw anyone do it. Hilarious!

Skoglund said...

I have never heard of 7 acre wood. Looks like fun. We were at the Rodeo Thursday. The kids loved it!!

Lisa said...

I definitely want to try out that 7 Acre place the next time we are in Houston. That looked so fun!

Btw- I am adding your link to my blog roll. I love all your pictures and the fun family stuff you guys do!