Wednesday, March 2, 2011

12 Weeks and One Crazy Kid

Today, I had my 12 week check-up! Everything looked great and the heartbeat was strong and clear! Such a sweet, beautiful sound!
I still think I look about the same. Just poking forward a little more. I definitely feel huge already and showing a lot in my regular clothes. I refuse to let Conn already get the maternity tub down!! :)

After we went to my appointment, Conn and I went to lunch. I am kidless every Wed., so we have a weekly lunch date that is always on the calendar. It's the best and I always look so forward to them!

Then, it was time for me to grab the two youngest from school! They said Cash was VERY active today! I just laughed! :) I don't know if there is a second in the day that this boy is NOT active! Well, unless he is sleeping, of course! These pictures crack me up of him. You can tell that he is non-stop and moves constantly because they are all so blurry! HAHA!

Finally got him to stay still! Love this crazy, active BOY!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a great week!! It is BEAUTIFUL here right now! Loving it!


Our Life Together said...

Luke and cash would get along great. Too cute. You look great!

Callie said...

um, I will be 17 weeks on Sunday. I am in maternity clothes. You BETTER be in them too by the time you are 17 weeks along. I'm just sayin'!!!

Skoglund said...

We are so excited to wear maternity clothes with baby #1, but by the time you hit #3 or #4 you try to put it off as long as possible!

Anonymous said...

You look really great!

Connie McWhorter said...

What a cute, precious kid! Love that boy!!!