Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Fall Questions

I love question and answer posts. I love participating in them and I also love reading them on other blogs. This is a fun one that I stole from my sweet friend, Heather.

1. Do you like Starbucks? Are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?
I am not a coffee drinker. I LOVE the smell of it and really wished that I liked it. I do, however, love going to Starbucks with Conn on a date night or going with friends to hang out and talk. I have actually done that twice this month. I usually get a hot tea or if it is really cold outside, I'll get hot chocolate. Sometimes I get nothing and just sit and soak up the wonderful smell and the great conversations. :)

2. How do you decorate and prepare for fall?
My fall decorating is actually pretty simple. I love the smells of fall, so I always have some sort of pumpkin spice candle burning. I also love pumpkins! I put them all on our front porch steps surrounded by mums. I also have a fall wreath that I love! I really love the fall colors on the trees and the crisp mornings. But, living in Texas, it really isn't that glorious. If the leaves on the trees do change, it is sometime in late November.

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities?
Go, Bearkats! HA!

4. What is your favorite fall clothing item and or accessory?
I LOVE fall clothing! I love jeans, long sleeve button down shirts, hoodies, cardigans in tons of different colors, big comfy sweatshirts,
dresses with tights and tall boots, scarves, and cute army caps. I also love dressing the kids in fall clothing, too! Oh, how I love fall clothing!!!

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
Okay, many of you will not understand this. Growing up, we never celebrated Halloween in my family. We always went to our churches Fall festivals and played tons of games and got tons of candy. We just never dressed up for it. Not that I can remember, anyway. This will probably shock most of you the most, though. I NEVER experienced trick-or-treating
until about 3 years ago when our Small Group did a Halloween hayride that involved trick-or-treating with all of our kiddos. Yes, my first time to EVER trick-or-teat was at the age of 28!! Ha! I do let my kids dress up and they love it. But, it is still not something that we go on and on about and make a big deal over.

6. Do you like Halloween/horror movies? Do you have a favorite?
I used to love them. But now that we have children, I am really not into the scary movies. They always seem to involve little kids singing in these creepy voices and I just can't handle it.
If we must watch something scary, though, Conn is not allowed to go out of town for a long time and we must watch something very light hearted and funny before we go to bed!!!

7. What is your favorite fall activity?
We always go to pumpkin patches and take tons of pictures! I also love hayrides and any type of fall festivals, craft or antique shows. I love that we are able to play outside after dinner and not melt from the heat. I also look forward to fall baking day with some of my sweet friends. I love lighting our fireplace!
I also love bonfires on a cold, cold night!

8. What is your favorite fall recipe?
I love any type of soups, gumbo, and chili!

9. What TV show are you most excited about this fall?
I know most of you probably know this, but I really don't watch a lot of t.v. If the t.v. is actually on, it is on HGTV, Food Network, sports of any kind, or a recording of The Biggest Loser or Friday Night Lights. Like right now, it is on some Sunday night football game that Conn was watching and he has been gone grocery shopping for about 35 min. I am so used to hearing sports commentators that it doesn't even phase me. Ha!

10. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Seriously, I do not start shopping until about the week or two before Christmas. I pretty much know right now what I am getting everyone, but I don't buy it until right before. Last year, I think I did almost every bit of my shopping online. It was awesome!

11. What do you miss most about summer?
I am NOT a cold weather type of girl, so I will probably miss the weather the most. Now, I don't miss the 110 degree days, but I always miss the warmth of the sunshine once our true winter sits in around here. My perfect day, is sunny and about 75 degrees.
I will also miss the beach, the pool, being tan, and our summer family vacations.

12. What movie coming out soon are you most excited about??
Before we had kids, Conn and I were huge movie goers. We probably saw one (or, two) almost every weekend. We still love them and try to go as much as possible and still rent movies about once a week. I really want to
see The Social Network and Wall Street.

I'll tag anyone that wants to play along!! I really hope that you do. What are some of your favorites to these questions? Do we share any of the same answers?


Kelli said...

I LOVE fall clothes!!

Heather said...

I love that you played! We are so much alike in so many ways! From coffee, to scary movies, to the clothes we love! So fun and so fun to learn more about you! Love your answers!

Ben and Emily said...

I played along too!

Can't believe you didn't trick or treat til 28! I bet your church's festival was more fun though!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Love this post! We are soo similar!

Bethany said...

Love it! I'm going to play too. I cannot believe you didn't trick or treat!!! I wish my church would have their fall festival on a night other than Halloween because trick or treating was such a fun family activity for us growing up and I feel like nobody does it anymore!