Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lily's Love

The past couple of weeks have been so fun for my oldest girl, Lily Belle! This girl loves anything and everything that involves some sort of fun activity or event! Her school is so great about doing both of these! Now that she is a big 1st grader, it has been so much more fun, because she totally gets into the activities and what they are all about. She talks about them weeks leading up to it and checks the calendar to make sure we are totally not missing out on anything. She LOVES it! It is so fun to watch her get so excited! Love it!

*College Spirit Day*
She made her daddy proud and supported his school!

*Donuts with Dad*

*Walk to School Day*
It was a brisk, 49 degrees on that morning. Conn said they about froze! Yes, if you are wondering, Conn gets the duty of participating in most of the morning activities. Someone has got to stay home with the other two babies. :)

They met up with our neighbors, Kim, Tess, Eli and Snoopy :), and were able to walk to school with them. Their house is for sale and we are SO sad! Tess and Lily are in the same grade and have become the greatest of friends. We are going to miss them so much!

*1st Grade Sock Hop*
Each of the grade levels in Lily's school, have a grade specific fundraiser, that takes place sometime during the year. It usually takes place on a Friday night after school, and it is a drop off/pick up type of deal. You pay for your student to go, and the teachers for that particular grade take care of everything. That is the only fundraiser for their grade...all year. It is a brilliant idea and the kids love it! Last year for Kindergarten, the night was based around the Polar Express theme. This year for 1st grade, they had planned a Sock Hop. Of course, Lily had to look the part and we went all out! The only thing I could get out of her about the whole night, was that they learned some dances. She loves to dance, so I guess that was enough for her to consider fun! Ha!

I love my girl and I love that she thrives on fun!
She is totally her daddy and that makes me smile!

Oh, and the fun doesn't stop here!

On the calendar for next week...
Muffins with Mom and Character Book Parade!

"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy"...says my girl! :)


Love Being a Nonny said...

OH SHE IS PRECIOUS! Love her poodle skirt! I was just like that with school activities when I was younger....the more the better. I ended up ALWAYS loving school. I hope she does too!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

She is precious as always! And so full of energy! And beautiful on top of all that! Love that girl so much!

Missy said...

You can just see the joy in her face! Such a fun time for her. :)

Ben and Emily said...

Adorable!! Her school sounds like a wonderful place!

(Oh...we need to get her a CSCC shirt...ha!)

Henley on the Horn said...

How precious! Your pictures are incredible. We lived in Texas 15 years ago and loved it!

Janet said...

I love my Lily Belle. She is growing up so fast, and getting more beautiful and smart every day.

Lacey said...

She is so cute!! Glad she had fun. We didn't get much out of Gavin either besides they hula hooped and did the limbo. :) We are at an amazing school.

Anyway, she looked precious in her 50's outfit. :)

Connie McWhorter said...

What a wonderful school that makes learning SO MUCH FUN for kiddos. I am truly impressed with all they do. Lily looked precious in her poodle skirt. I think Nanny had one very similar to that in her day. Love you all, Nanny

Heather said...

Does Lily ever take a bad picture!! The girl needs to be a model!! She is beautiful!! SO glad she is enjoying all that school has to offer!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

She is such a doll!! Those pictures are awesome! Hope ya'll have a good week!!!